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2011 Back To School Watch Shopping Guide

Be On Time For Class

This Back to School season, a new watch from is just what you need to be on time for class. We've broken down the most popular watches this summer into six style categories so you can find the perfect watch to match your style.

Hipster Watches

Bright, colorful, plastic & silicone. The hip watches this year are eye-catching and bold. Browse our selection of Hipster Watches and stand out from the crowd.

Jock Watches

Workin' out or hangin' out, our selection of Jock Watches make sure you're getting fit while while living the active life.

Geek Watches

If you spend all day on Reddit, you're going to dig our selection of Geek Watches. We've got the unique binary and LED watches that will confuse the losers that use their Motorola Razor to tell the time.

Nightclubber Watches

Browse our selection of Nightclubber Watches to be on time for class this year:

Granola Watches

Dude. is it 4:20 yet? Let me know when it is because I've got this great new Phish bootleg you have to listen to. From wood to canvas, our selection of Granola Watches will help you be on time for class this year:

Professional Watches

Time is serious business. That's why the type of person that wants a Professional Watche likes a sleek design with a touch of class. Just like these: