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Bertucci A-2TE Mens Watch - Titanium - Khaki Strap - Light Khaki EL Dial - 22201 main product image


    Bertucci A-2TE Mens

    Model# 22201


    This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

    One of's best-selling brands, Bertucci watches offer the exceptional functionality required in a Performance Field Watch combined with incredible attention to detail: making them not only high performing but also smart looking. Worn by soldiers, hardcore outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone else with a high standard for rugged durability, Bertucci watches strike the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

    The A-2T EL Field Fog Series 22201 has an electro-luminescent feature to illuminate the dial in low light conditions with just a touch of a button, while still maintaining a clean, classic dial design. When lit it has a soft blue light, and at other times the design provides high-contrast viewing in normal light conditions. With a scratch-resistant mineral glass crystal, titanium screw-down crown and case back, and rugged U.S. patented DX3-« case, the 22201 is built to last. The khaki nylon strap, solid titanium case, and light khaki dial make this a perfect summer watch and an ideal complement to casual attire.

    Electroluminescent EL lighted dial.

    Titanium with matte finish.

    Precision Japanese movement.

    100m/328ft. water resistance.

    Scratch-resistant mineral glass crystal.

    Screw-down case back.

    Heavy-duty lug design.

    High-contrast, easy-to-see dial with 12/24 hour markings.

    Rugged, U.S. patented DX3 case.

    Screw-down crown.

    Ergonomically offset crown at 4 o'clock.

    Bertucci has a 3-year warranty is an authorized Bertucci dealer.

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    Bertucci Model 22201

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    You will feel it the moment you wrap an MH Bertucci watch around your wrist. You will notice the authentic materials and attention to detail that went into it. That is no accident. That is a result of our Durability by Design process and the basis for MH Bertucci's promise of quality.

    With each watch created, MH Bertucci studies the ways in which it will be worn and used. If traditional crown placement impedes wrist motion, they move it. If standard straps and buckles break in demanding situations, they build long-lasting nylon and leather straps and a more durable buckle and keeper. If normal crystals scratch and crack too easily, they create a U.S. patented case with a recessed, mineral glass crystal.

    In the end, each MH Bertucci watch is designed, engineered and purpose-built to survive the rigors of daily use. Simply put, watches from MH Bertucci perform like no other field watch because they're built like no other field watch.

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