That’s Not a Knife…

…This Is a Knife.

Make it cool. Make it solid. Make it happen.

And definitely make it a Benchmade.
We love our watches here at WatchCo, but we have a wealth of great accessories as well. And for all of you outdoors enthusiasts, hikers and campers, we’re introducing a new line today: Benchmade knives.

Combining cutting edge innovation, hand-crafted touches and the pinnacle of technology, each knife produced by Benchmade is of the utmost quality. These rescue tools and specialized cutlery will never let you down in the field, no matter if you’re creating shelter or navigating to the top of the mountain.

Add a Benchmade to your cart now, and don’t forget to pick up a new watchsunglassescarryallmoney clip or something special as well. And welcome to WatchCo, Benchmade!

New – Ice-Watch Timepieces

This brand features some of the most striking styles in the industry. Check out their new offerings for summer today.

Shop – Suncloud Optics

Featuring polarized lenses and contemporary frames, a pair of Sunclouds are perfect year-round.

Shop – Pulsar Wristwatches

Get all of the Seiko luxury and precision at a fraction of the price from its sister company.

Happy Holidays?

Jingle bells, cookies & balmy summer weather: All the elements of a great Christmas in July!
Don’t wait until December for a holiday sale. Celebrate with us this weekend with our Christmas in July promotion, and make yourself (and your pocketbook) happy in the process.

All you have to do is add the items you want into your cart, then punch in the discount code HOLIDAY10 to receive 10 percent off your entire purchase.*

After that, all you need to do is just sit back and relax knowing your new wristwatchpair of shadeshandbagwallet or whatever is on its way to you. And Merry Christmas (in July)!

* Some restrictions might apply. But Santa is in charge of that.

Shop – Projects Timepieces

Shopping for creators and artists can be tough. But Projects Watches actually makes it quite easy.

New –  Proof Sunglasses

Those strung-up lights a little too much for your eyes? Then grab a new pair of wooden frames from Proof.

Shop – Hex iPhone Cases 

Buying an iPhone as a gift is so boring. Why not get them the stylish Hex case to protect it instead?

The New G-Shocks Are Here!

Looking for that elusive perfect complement for warm weather wardrobes? Your search is over.
Ever since we launched WatchCo back in 1993, the Casio brand–and specifically G-Shock–has been among our most popular series we have offered. So without any delay, we’re proud to offer you many new choices from the line today!
Be it the S-Series Heathered Resin style pictured above, or any of thejust-released Tricolour models, all of you G-Shock fanatics won’t be able to click your way fast enough to enlarging your collection. (We speak from experience.)
And after you select your new G-Shock, remember to check out all the other awesome watchessunglassescarry-allsmoney clips and a ton of other great accessories we have right now, too. It’s the peak of summer, so make sure you’re all set up to make it the best one yet!

New – SMITH Optics

From fun to formal, there’s a pair of SMITH shades to suit any event or and all lifestyles.


Shop – MTM Special Ops

The gold standard in tactical watches, these do-it-all machines are a must for anyone who needs nothing but the best.



Shop – The New Brand of Apparel

Make the change that you’ll never regret by switching to Ethika underwear now.

Your Freedom of Choice

The festivities continue all summer long!
Save on your new accessory today at WatchCo.
Far be it from us here at WatchCo to be the buzzkill on a fantastic summer. So please allow us to keep all the fun going by offering another sale to you this Independence Day.
Just add all your items to your cart, and then enter the discount code JULY4 to receive 10 percent off everything.* This holiday is all about freedom, and you should not be restricted to paying full price!
The discount code expires at midnight on July 4th, so make sure you scoop up all your timepieceseyewearhandbagswallets or whatever we have available, too. And have a happy and safe Independence Day, everybody!
*Discount code not available on MTM Special Ops watches. Freedom only goes so far. 🙁

Shop – Raen Optics

If there ever was a “dress” brand of sunglasses, these would be it as all models are quite stately and regal.

Shop – NAVA Brand

Design your life with this fashion line straight from Italy featuring modern styles with a dollop of minimalism.

New –  Nixon Timepieces

Popularized by skaters and extreme athletes, these are actually worn in formal offices and boardrooms as well.

Do You Know What Today Is?

Celebrate National Sunglasses Day today with a new pair of shades from our collection.
Just like most people, all of us at WatchCo love a good party. And the reason for today’s festivities is for National Sunglasses Day.
Please let this email serve as a reminder to protect your eyes when you step outside. Even on colder, cloudy days, it’s important to keep the sun’s unfiltered UV rays from damaging your eyesight.
Lucky for you, we have a boatload of brands to choose from includingNeff, SMITH, WeWOOD and more! Reward yourself with an injection of style for you eyes now. And Happy National Sunglasses Day!
Shop – Komono Shades

You’ve worn their watches, now check out these minimalist styles with a touch of the Far East.

Shop – Local Supply Optics

Despite their Australian design and production, Local Supply is made for locals everywhere across the globe.

Shop – Vestal Eyewear

Perfect for the summer concert circuit, these frames were made for the rock star lifestyle.

Welcome Aboard, TOMS!

With every pair of sunglasses you purchase,TOMS will help give sight to a person in need.
Last week, we here at WatchCo introduced you to a new brand, Jack Mason. This week is no different as we happily bring in TOMS eyewear into the fold.
Not only are TOMS’ styles cool and appealing to everyone, but every time a pair is sold, TOMS graciously helps out sight-impaired people around the world. In fact, TOMS has also been donating a pair of shoes to those in need for the past ten years as well.
So know that not only are you getting a really cool pair of sunglasses when you choose TOMS, you’re also helping make a real difference for humanity as well. And while you’re selecting your new summer frames, you can browse all of our new wristwatchesshadesluggagebillfolds and a ton of other cool stuff we have available, too. We’re all in this together, people–welcome and thank you, TOMS!

For the graphic designer font aficionado that resides in all of us, this line makes everything look perfect.


Shop – Shwood Sunglasses

Wooden shades with just the right amount of tinted color on the lenses, Shwood is always good.


Shop – Mr. Jones Watches

Comin’ straight outta England, these designs will make the eyebrows raise on even the most experienced collector.

BRAND NEW FOR SUMMER 2016: Jack Mason Brand

What makes a truly special timepiece?
Jack Mason says it’s attention to the minutiae.
2016 continues to be the summer of newness here at WatchCo. Please allow us to introduce to you another exciting brand we’re happy to have on board: Jack Mason.
It’s incredibly elusive to capture the spirit of yesteryear with the cutting edge fashion sense of tomorrow. But that’s exactly what Jack Masonachieves in everyone of these timepieces.
Their attention to detail in crafting each design lets the big picture take care of itself, as Jack Mason so eloquently puts it. And while you’re checking out our newest brand, pay special attention to the rest of the new watchesopticshandbagswallets and accessories we have available, too. And welcome to WatchCo, Jack Mason!

A must-have brand for any artist or collector, Projects makes styles you can’t get anywhere else.

New – Pepper’s Shades

As spicy as their name, these styles are electric and striking for faces of all kinds.


Shop – Lilypond Bags

Perfect as a carry-all to the beach or any other summer trip, Lilypond has the right seasonal bag for you.

A Father’s Day Discount Code For You

A Fossil Sport 54 makes a great gift for any dad, especially those fans of automotive racing.

Only eight days left until Father’s Day, and while we here at WatchCo know you love your dad, he isn’t exactly the easiest guy to shop for. So let us solve that problem right now.

In addition to the watch pictured above, as well as all the other great Fossil watches for men that we have available now, there’s a ton of other choices that we know dad will love. And when you enter the discount code DADSGRADS, you’ll receive 10 percent off of your entire order.*

Plus, for Dad’s sake, please don’t forget to browse through all of the awesome timepiecesshades,luggagebillfolds and everything else we have available, too. WatchCo will make this Father’s Day a winner for everyone!

 *Discount does not apply to MTM Watches. We have our dads working on fixing this as we speak. 🙂

Shop – Rawlings Baseball Billfolds

For the father that can’t get enough of our national pastime, this leather billfold with baseball stitching is perfect.

New – Proof Sunglasses

Freshen up Dad’s sunglasses collection with a new pair of wooden shades from Proof.

Shop – Citizen Eco-Drive Timepieces

Football season doesn’t kick off for another few months, but Eli Manning’s battery-less watch is always available!

Here’s What Dad Wants

The Bertucci DX3 Plus is perfect for the course, but Dad will love it no matter where he goes.

In less than three weeks, we’ll all be celebrating the man that taught us about life, helped us grow up and never stopped loving us no matter what. So when Father’s Day rolls around, make sure you have a great gift to give. And allow us at WatchCo to recommend the fine line of Bertucci watches.

While the DX3 Field Series is full of great choices, Bertucci has so much more to choose from. These durable field watches with cases in both steel and titanium all feature extra long straps to go over even the thickest of jackets for maximum performance.

And if you want to get Dad something else in addition to a Bertucci, check out all of the other watcheseyewear, backpackswallets and much more we have available, too. WatchCo is definitely the place to shop for Father’s Day 2016!

New – Quay Shades

One of our most popular brands for sunnies, you’ll find your new summer sunglasses here.

Shop – DPx Gear

For the father that can’t get enough of the outdoors, these tools will always keep him prepared in the wilderness.

Shop – Status Anxiety Wallets

This Father’s Day, freshen up Dad’s style with a brand new billfold that is lush with vibrant colors.

NEW For Summer: Forecast Optics

Perfect for the days when the clouds call in sick,Forecast sunglasses will keep your face smiling.

June is right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean WatchCo is slowing down when it comes to adding great summer brands. The latest on our site? All of the great products from Forecast Optics.

These frames–utilizing either wire or molding–encase durable lenses on each sporty model. Modern styles abound throughout the Forecast line, with men, women and children having many options to choose from.

And don’t think that we’ve removed anything from our site to make room for Forecast, either. We still have a huge collection of timepiecesshades, luggagecarryalls and a ton of other cool and unique stuff as well.

Welcome to WatchCo, Forecast Optics!

New – Komono Watches

Eastern design with European decision make these Komonos as practical as they are special.

Shop – Fjällräven Bags

Big backpacks, small backpacks, handbags and laptop cases all make up this top-selling line for us.

Shop – Helle Knives

Hike with a Helle blade today. Perfect for cutting and whittling wood, these knives will always come in handy.