BRAND NEW: Pistil Headwear

With a precise attention to detail, Pistil headwear can be your style’s accentuation.

As we strive to bring you the best up-and-coming fashion brands forwatches and other accessories, allow us to introduce Pistil Designs today. No matter how good your head looks, this line is sure  to make it look even better. :)


Inspired by the goal of making a person feel right, these hats, caps and scarves will always produce smiles in the mirror. And we have Pistils that fit just about any man or woman.


The Suzette hat (above) is one of Pistil’s new designs for 2015. But they’ve tweaked other products like the men’s Roscoe cap and the Deliliah headband to give them a fresh new look for you this fall, too.


Pistil puts an extraordinary amount of thought and creativity into each piece they produce. And all they want in exchange is for you to enjoy wearing them. Check out what we have from them now!

New – Ingersoll Watches

Exquisitely designed with complicated movements.

Shop – TOMS Sunglasses

These shades simple and clean to fit whatever style you’d like.

New – Tommy Hilfiger Watches

With plenty of deigns for men and women, this collection is worth it.

Trust Us: Dad Wants a Bertucci

Make sure your father is set for summer with a Bertucci field watch on sale now!

Father’s Day is still two-and-a-half weeks away, but we’re giving you a great reason to get dad’s gift today. How? In the form of savings on his new watch.

When you add his new Bertucci watch (or any other item) to your cart, enter the discount code FATHER10 to receive 10 percent off your entire purchase.* Each Bertucci Performance watch has been premium-crafted for maximum durability, efficiency and enjoyment. What father wouldn’t want that?

And if you wanted to give your dad a little something extra this year to show how much you love him and appreciate everything he does for you, don’t forget that we have some new wallets,shades and headphones in stock now as well. With any of theseWatchCo accessories, each time he straps on his timepiece, grabs his credit card or plugs in his music, he’ll be very grateful for your good taste and thoughtfulness.

Hurry, though–the pre-sale will end quicker than you think! Happy shopping!!

*Some restrictions might apply. But your dad can probably talk us out of it. :)

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Freshen up your father’s look with any pair of these super sunglasses for Dad’s Day.

New – Botta-Design

The bare essentials meets technical complexity in these stylish timepieces.

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Take Dad out to the ballgame with these new leather wallets with baseball stitches.

This Watch Is Built For Summer

Your vibe is unmistakable when you flex
the new over-sized
 Mega Chief from Diesel.

Let’s face it: Size matters. And as much as you might want to, you can’t go back to the stone ages when watches with dials the size of coins were fashionable. So it’s time to go big.

Leading the way in the new Diesel summer line is the aptly named Mega Chief series. Featuring a massive 51mm case and an uber-accurate chronograph, this timepiece is sure to turn heads when you’re out and about this summer.

In addition to the new watches that we’ve gotten in stock recently, we also have a bunch of cool shades and walletsthat are waiting to leave our shelves to your body to make sure that you are always looking your best. Here at WatchCo, we always have your back (and wrist, eyes and ears 😉 ).

New – Suunto Watches

The new Cores and Ambits (pictured) aren’t the only wrist-top computers that just arrived. Check out the full summer line today.

New – Randolph Shades

Mad Men’s Don Draper rode off television airwaves into the sunset this month. But his sunglasses of choice live on today.

Shop – Meister Watches

Worn by undefeated world champ boxer Floyd Mayweather, these watches are real knockouts. (Bad joke, we know.)

Are You Ready For Summer?


Our great selection of Maui Jim sunglasses will help finish off your summer “must-haves”.

Towels? Check. Headphones? Check. New shades? No? Well, your wish is our command. We’ve got a ton of sunglasses to choose from right now, and no bigger collection than our Maui Jim brand.

Whether it’s the polarized Wiki Wiki model or the tougher-than-saltwater Peahi pair, you’ll find your 2015 summer eyewear today. And with plenty of styles for both men and women to choose from, now is the perfect time to buy.

And as long as you’re doing a little recreational shopping, keep in mind we’ve got a ton of new watch styles in as well, not to mention some great deals on the vintage wallets of America’s pastime. Your new summer wardrobe just won’t be complete without some complementary accessories. Aloha!


New – Dosh Wallets

These cutting edge radio-frequency identification (RFID) billfolds are always keeping you safe.


New – Eone Watches

Those stylish watches you’ve been seeing in all those movies and TV? We’ve got them right here. :)



Shop – Adidas Watches

Bring a little life and color into your workout routine or daily routine with these sporty spark plugs now.

Last Chance For Mother’s Day


Make Mom Happy Now
Place your order now and make your mother proud that she has such a smart kid. :)

We know you feel. You’re getting into freak-out mode with Mother’s Day being Sunday and you not having a gift for her yet. But even with only four days left, you still have time to make her year!

Use the discount code MOTHER10 to receive 10 percent off your purchase. We have next-day shipping available, too, so you can still have it by Friday if you place your order NOW!

No matter what she likes, WatchCo has it. A new sports watch? Right here. Something she can wear casually while she works in the garden or goes for a stroll? We got that, too!Perhaps you want to get her a watch like that lovely Citizen Eco-Drive pictured above. Well, check them all out here.

But, SERIOUSLY, you’ve gotta make it happen now. We’ll get these orders shipped out as fast as we can, so stop reading and get your Mother’s Day discount now!

*Some restrictions could apply. But we don’t follow all the rules. :)


New – Ladies’ DKNY

The summer collection is here, just in time to hook Mom up with some fresh style.


New – Ladies’ WeWOOD

More colors, more designs and more fun have all arrived with our new WeWOOD watches for women.


Shop – Ladies’ Pulsar

If you can’t find a Pulsar watch that your mom wouldn’t love, then–simply put–there is not one made.

Your Mother Would Be All Over This Sale


Don’t wait until it’s too late to find a great giftfor Mom. Use discount code MOTHER10 now!

She gave birth to you. She took care of you. She raised you right. And now here’s your chance to return the favor for all of that today. (Okay, maybe not ALL of it.)

In the same way your mom was with you everywhere you went when you were a kid, you can be everywhere with her now. Every time she admires the new watch on her wrist, she’ll think of you, and what a great kid you are! (Not to mention your good taste in online accessory web sites. :) )

Whether she wants a new sports watch, a formal timepiece, a new pair of sunglasses or even a summer wallet, we’ll make sure you save. Just enter the discount code MOTHER10 at checkout to receive 10 percent off your purchases.* Mom would be proud at your shrewd shopping sense, wouldn’t she?

The pre-sale will only last for a few days, though. Make this Mother’s Day a great one with her new gift only a few clicks away. After all, she does deserve it. :)

*Some restrictions could apply. But our mothers would be disappointed with us if we enforced them.


Shop – Ladies’ TOKYObay

With dozens of different styles, colors and models, you won’t have any issue picking out the perfect Mother’s Day present.


Shop – Daniel Wellington

These Swedish imports are the fun, colorful watches your mom has been looking for.


New – Ladies’ Skagen

For the mother who wants something simple, understated and classy, these new Skagens all make perfect gifts.

Your New Watch = Earth’s New Tree


Now when you buy a WeWOOD watch or pair of shades from WatchCo, they’ll plant a tree!

Thanks to the good people at WeWOOD, you can celebrate Earth Day in style while sustaining Mother Nature at the same time. Could there be a more perfect way to spend the day?

Today, when you purchase one of the wooden watches from WeWOOD or their sunglasses carved from fine wood, WeWOOD will plant a tree to keep our planet healthy. Show your support for wooden accessories, and WeWOOD will show its support for the soil from which they came.

With dozens of styles to choose from in both categories, you’ll be able to mix and match styles to your heart’s content. And no one will be upset with you if you ensure that more than one tree gets planted today, too. :) Happy Earth Day, everyone!


Shop – Tense Wood Watches

Made from the sturdiest lumber of the Canadian North Woods, Tense is our top-selling wood watch brand.


New – Shwood Sunglasses

Famous for making shades from old Louisville Slugger baseball bats, Shwood has plenty of styles to choose from.


Shop – Original Grain

Stately and regal, you won’t find a more formal wooden watch than an Original Grain, for even the fanciest of affairs.

A Brief History of the Wristwatch

For today’s WatchCo post, we welcome in guest blogger and author Adam Partridge. Fresh off writing and publishing An Illustrated History of the Wristwatch, Adam shares some of his findings below that he came across in his research. You can read more about his book at the link above.


The timeline of the wrist watch has come full circle. From starting out as a luxurious piece of jewelry, to becoming an essential for some professions and back around again to being a stylish accessory.

The first ever wristwatch was 1876 purchased by a Hungarian Countess–one of the original hipsters setting the trends of the time. She desired it as a piece of jewelry rather than for the purpose of keeping time, because why would you need to keep track of time when your blood is blue? This stylistic choice was first shunned by men, having a preference for the pocket watch.

That all changed in the late 19th century when the military found it was more practical to have a watch on your wrist rather than in your pocket. I guess there wasn’t so much time in a war zone to pull out a pocket watch the size of your face and check to see what time you were meant to spring into battle. (Unless of course you planned on using it as a shield from incoming bullets.) Once the wristwatch had been legitimized for men through its use in the military, it slowly became a common accessory for the public. From then onwards the wristwatch developed into a time keeping instrument of luxury and style through a series of evolutions in technology and fashion.

Here is a rundown of some of the more intricate watches that were part of what evolved the wristwatch into what it is today.

It may be lacking its crown, but a crown doesn’t make a Rolex any more than it makes a king as this guy will tell you…


The brilliance of the Rolex Oyster lay in its patented hermetic seal (It’s water resistant and stops dust.) It has remained an iconic piece ever since its genesis in 1926 and has sealed its place in Rolex’s history, as well as the history of the wristwatch, as an innovative step forward in horology.

The Hamilton Ventura was the first battery-powered watch and was favored by a man who lends further evidence to the fact that you don’t need a crown to be called a King, Elvis Presley. The timepiece introduced electronics to the watchmaking world with its battery-powered mechanics and its asymmetrical style, which is completely unique. elvis ventura

Ten years later, Omega SA came out with the watch that brought time to the moon, the Omega Speedmaster, aka The Moon Watch. It was worn by Buzz Aldrin as he and the Apollo 11 team landed on the moon’s surface. As a result, has been immortalized in the watching making world. The Omega’s Speedmaster was the only watch put forward to NASA that survived their rigorous tests.

vintage omega speedmaster

It was in the early ’60s that the race to produce the first Quartz watch took place between the Swiss watch making companies and the Asian watch making company Seiko. The outcome ended the Swiss hegemony in the watchmaking industry with Seiko developing the first Quartz watch–the Seiko Quartz Astron. It took 14 years for the Swiss watch making world to retaliate with their last hopes of keeping a presence in the industry, dependent on a syndicate of Swiss watch companies. After establishing a research fellowship of different Swiss watch companies–Elrond style–they came up with the Swatch, the one watch to bring them all under affordable mediocrity. Within two years of its release, the Swatch sold more than 2.5 million watches.

Now that we have seen the wristwatch’s usefulness expire at the popularity of the mobile phone–but ever keeping in with the times–the wristwatch has taken another step in its evolution; the smart watch. Released in 2013, the Pebble Smartwatch received most of its funding from Kickstarter; $10,266,844 to be exact. It’s a sign that the wristwatches’ technological progress isn’t dead, but it does seem that the true future of the wristwatch currently lies in luxury.


NEW Fossil Watches Are Here


The New Fossils Have Arrived!
With the dawning of a new season comes the launch of the Fossil Spring Line.

The first day of Spring is nearly upon us, so it’s time for us all to clean everything out and start fresh. Kicking things off is Fossil, one of the brands that has always given you a massive selection to choose from.

We now have new Boyfriends in stock. We just got in some somegents’ Townsman models. And to top everything off, the new Fossil Nate and Grant releases are just a few clicks away from being on your wrist.

But don’t let your spring wardrobe makeover stop with watches. Check out the latest sunglasses and wallets that have just arrived to us as well. Spring means starting anew, and it all begins with you.

The thaw is here, and winter won’t be coming for quite some time. So take advantage of everything the 2015 Fossil Spring Linehas to offer you now!

Shop – Rawlings Wallets

Baseball season is around the corner. Get in the swing of it with a ballpark billfold.

New – Diesel Watches

Bigger, better, cooler are just three of the descriptors we have for the new Spring line.

Clearance – House of Marley

Whether it be headphones, watches or ear buds, this is your last chance to get these 2014 styles at deep discounts.


Your Final Chance To Save


St. Patrick’s Day may not be until next week, but this sale won’t last that long!

Back for the last time in 2015, our LUCKY10 discount code is going to be saving you money on your watch, wallet andaccessory purchases this week. It’s our way of saying Happy St. Patrick’s Day to our customers. :)

You’ll be able to use this code on virtually everything we carry.* After you enter it in, you’ll get 10 percent off your entire purchase. Whether its clocks, watches, or anything else, you are going to save at WatchCo this week.

So whether it’s one of the brand new smart watches that have recently become available or maybe a bumpin’ pair of cans, you have until Friday at midnight Eastern to make your choices. After that, the discount code deactivates, and you’ll have to wait until St. Patty’s day 2016 to use it again.

Hit us up if you have any questions. Otherwise we hope you all enjoy your corned beef and cabbage, your green beer (responsibly) and–of course–your good luck!

*Some restrictions may apply.


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Every one of these clocks is…what’s the word…how about AWESOME? :)


New – WeWOOD Sunglasses

Don’t be the last one in your group to get your wooden sunglasses this summer–be the first!


Clearance – Rockwell

They’re not just for skaters anymore. If you’re young at heart and looking for something new, check out Rockwell now.