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NEW Fossil Watches Are Here


The New Fossils Have Arrived!
With the dawning of a new season comes the launch of the Fossil Spring Line.

The first day of Spring is nearly upon us, so it’s time for us all to clean everything out and start fresh. Kicking things off is Fossil, one of the brands that has always given you a massive selection to choose from.

We now have new Boyfriends in stock. We just got in some somegents’ Townsman models. And to top everything off, the new Fossil Nate and Grant releases are just a few clicks away from being on your wrist.

But don’t let your spring wardrobe makeover stop with watches. Check out the latest sunglasses and wallets that have just arrived to us as well. Spring means starting anew, and it all begins with you.

The thaw is here, and winter won’t be coming for quite some time. So take advantage of everything the 2015 Fossil Spring Linehas to offer you now!

Shop – Rawlings Wallets

Baseball season is around the corner. Get in the swing of it with a ballpark billfold.

New – Diesel Watches

Bigger, better, cooler are just three of the descriptors we have for the new Spring line.

Clearance – House of Marley

Whether it be headphones, watches or ear buds, this is your last chance to get these 2014 styles at deep discounts.



St. Patrick’s Day may not be until next week, but this sale won’t last that long!

Back for the last time in 2015, our LUCKY10 discount code is going to be saving you money on your watch, wallet andaccessory purchases this week. It’s our way of saying Happy St. Patrick’s Day to our customers. :)

You’ll be able to use this code on virtually everything we carry.* After you enter it in, you’ll get 10 percent off your entire purchase. Whether its clocks, watches, or anything else, you are going to save at WatchCo this week.

So whether it’s one of the brand new smart watches that have recently become available or maybe a bumpin’ pair of cans, you have until Friday at midnight Eastern to make your choices. After that, the discount code deactivates, and you’ll have to wait until St. Patty’s day 2016 to use it again.

Hit us up if you have any questions. Otherwise we hope you all enjoy your corned beef and cabbage, your green beer (responsibly) and–of course–your good luck!

*Some restrictions may apply.


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Every one of these clocks is…what’s the word…how about AWESOME? :)


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They’re not just for skaters anymore. If you’re young at heart and looking for something new, check out Rockwell now.

All You Need Is Love: Save Now!



Love is all you need:
Our Valentine’s Day Sale is back!!

“There’s nothing you can do/But you can learn how to be you in time.” Wise words from the Fab Four, but how can you learn what to get that special someone for Valentine’s Day?

We’ve got you covered here at WatchCo. Not only do we have several good choices in this email as well as a hand-picked Valentine’s Day gift collection on our site, but we’re also offering it to you all with a discount, too!

Use the discount code VALENTINES14 to receive 14 percent off any order placed before Friday at midnight. This deal expires soon, so make your choices ASAP! :)

(Discount code eligible for most–but not all–watch brands.)


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Powered by the motion of your wrist and daily activities, our Automatic Watches will never need a battery replacement.


New – Stewart/Stand Wallets

Keep your credit cards and your identity safe by protecting yourself with these hip wallets.


Clearance – Fossil

Collect them all while Fossil still has some left! Vintage styles at their lowest prices ever.


What If Watches Disappeared?

While many “experts” have already predicted it, have you actually wondered what the world would be like without watches? No one would be on the same schedule. There would be nothing but guesswork that went into knowing when you had to be somewhere or do something. And the number of people pointing to their wrists on the street asking passersby for the time would reach an all-time high.

Flava Flav would make a killing in a watch-less world.

Think about it, though. If watches disappeared, that would mean that they were in fact in existence before. So every one of us watch wearers would be going all Butch Coolidge on the world. The convenience, the comfort, the fashion statement–all of those things would be gone. But these are the three things that would bug me the most:

1. I couldn’t leave the house on Sundays without fear of missing my favorite show.

I can’t go to bed Sunday nights without seeing what jam these guys got out of (or into).

Think about how the characters on The Walking Dead are dealing with a timeless world. Maybe if everyone still had working watches, things would not have gotten as bad as they are, as the show is now in the midst of Season Five. Rick finally looks like himself again after Carol recovered his old watch. And Abraham would know just how good of time he and his crew were making in driving to Washington, D.C. Beth could also have covered up that nasty IV scar with this lovely Southampton Classic from Daniel Wellington, too.

Make sure to regularly clean the walker blood off of it, Miss Greene.

Featuring a two-year warranty with a lovely pink-and-blue NATO strap from England, this watch is perfect for any woman looking for a fresh time-teller on her wrist. Notice the rose gold case as well; I know I’d be upset if this model all of a sudden stopped existing.

2. You’d always be at the mercy of the sun.

This guy looks like he’d NEVER screw ANYTHING up for you.

Picture this: You’re enjoying a beautiful day on the water catching a ton of large mouth bass. Your wife Emily said she is making a lavish Italian dinner for you, but you need to be at the table promptly by five or your kids and her will be the only ones enjoying it. But you have no watch! How do you know when you have to end to the best fishing day of your life to go enjoy your favorite meal? By where the sun is in the sky? Are you really going to leave something as important like that to chance?

Surely not. When it comes to fishing and food, I know that I can never be trusted to make the right decision. I’m sure there are parallels in your lives, too. Which is why we both need this Classic Smart Watch from Cogito.

Just so you know, Emily is calling you right now.

Not only will you know the time, but if Emily needs you to pick up capers or Parmesan cheese, you’ll find out she’s been calling your (non-waterproof) cell phone that you have locked up in your boat’s glove compartment away from the wetness that could destroy it. You can also check in on any sports scores and emails while you’re waiting for your next bite with this Cogito, too. In today’s world, this is more of a necessity, so to imagine something like this gone from our lives would surely send all of us into panic mode.

3. How would we know how rich rappers were?

No word if this watch cost Weezy A Milli.

One thing we know about today’s hip hop stars: Flashing wealth is not trendy, it is now obligatory. From the days of Public Enemy and N.W.A. rapping about the poverty-stricken neighborhoods they live(d) in, we now hear rappers like B.o.B and T.I. spitting lyrics about expensive shades, stacks of cash and all the alcohol you can possibly imagine consuming in their luxury vehicles and billionaire mansions.

What’s the easiest way to visually show off that affluence? A phat, chunky blinged-out wrist watch just below the hand clutching the mic. Lil’ Wayne and Eminem are noted watch aficionados. And–let’s face it–Jay-Z could put together a whole album about his watch collection because he never shuts up about it in his songs.

But if you want something more tasteful–more realistic–and something that you can actually use to tell time rather than just have a $50,000 bracelet weighing your wrist down, then this Calibre 8700 from Citizen is perfect.

You won’t need shades checking the time on this.

Sure the gold and diamonds make this watch look stunning. But the perpetual calendar function automatically changes the date in months with fewer than 31 days. And the Eco-Drive technology means you’ll never have to worry about changing the battery. Throw in the alarm feature, and you have one of the most stylish functional watches we carry. And your album doesn’t need to go platinum to be able to afford it.

I don’t want to imagine a world without watches from a personal or professional standpoint. And after reading this, hopefully you agree. Don’t take your watches for granted, and always make sure you have at least one spare in reserve.


The Quality of Cheapo

Rolex ain’t got nuthin’ on these guys.
From the-name-misrepresents-the-brand-department, WatchCo has added another line to its collection: Cheapo Watches. Now before all of you pretentious luxury lovers stop reading this post, at least hear me out for another few hundred words. I am fairly certain you’re going to be glad you did.

Cheapo originally started as a clothing brand in 1997 that eventually branched off into designing and producing watches as well. Its mission was to produce wardrobes and accessories that anyone could wear, even those who had no attachment to the fashion industry.

Appealing to everyone meant having price points well below even the three-digit sales tag. And Cheapo did just that. In fact, all of the nearly two dozen styles we carry from Cheapo are each priced at $79.95. For less than $80, you can actually own a high-quality watch with a Japanese quartz movement, mineral glass crystal and genuine leather strap. Take it from a guy who works full time in the industry–that is rare.

What really sets these watches apart from the other brands we carry is not only the unique designs, but the combination of pieces that make these watches truly different. Take this Ben Franklin model for instance:

“It’s all about me, baby.”
Note the genuine leather strap with the multiple steel buckles, giving it sort of a NATO strap look. The case is simple enough, but you can’t tell me that this watch would not be a huge hit at a party. I mean, where else would you see something like this Fisherman watch?

With part one achieved, now all you need is the sea on your wrist.
Here’s another shot of it below, this time in action:

A bushy beard, a tat sleeve, a mug of fair trade and the Cheapo Fisherman watch. No word on if this photo was taken at an old Iron and Wine basement show.
Cheapo truly offers something for everyone. For instance, it’ll be November soon, and you’ll need to start your holiday shopping with some gift ideas. So what do you get for that darn Devil-worshiping, cat-loving nephew of yours? Problem solved:

All hail Satan right MEOW!
 Or perhaps black and bling is more your style. How about this diamond watch (for $79.95)? Cheapo doesn’t have a “hip hop” collection per se, but if it did, this bad boy would be the headliner:

All seriousness aside (kidding :) ), Cheapo does make some more (conventionally) fun watches as well. I think we all know that person in our lives who not only wears this watch but also has adapted the lifestyle it promotes:

Clearly the wearer of this only cares about making a fashion statement and not about being on time.
So if you’re looking for something new, give Cheapo a try. There are a lot of different dials and straps to choose from, and that $80 in your pocket isn’t exactly going to spend itself. The metal is all stainless steel, and each watch comes with Cheapo’s two-year warranty, too, giving you a minimum of 730 days to show off to your friends.

After that, you’re on your own. Or just pick up another Cheapo–they’re not too pricey. :)

10 Things The Apple Watch Won’t Do For You

Don’t wait until February! Break out the duct tape and make your own Apple watch today!
One of the geekiest buzz announcements of 2014 was Apple’s introduction of the Apple watch to the public. Sure, we don’t know how much it will cost or when or where you can buy one. But it’s coming. Someday. (In February 2015. Maybe.)

So is the Apple watch going to be the only watch that anyone who is anyone will wear going forward? Absolutely! (If you believe everything Twitter and the rest of the Internet has to say.) But being the horophile that you are, you can already see through the hype and know that one singular watch will never become the end-all, be-all timepiece for any self-respecting watch wearer.

Researching the Apple watch at an even rudimentary level, you can see that while it truly is a fantastic product, it does have its share of shortcomings (10 by my count so far). So without further adieu, let’s look at 10 of the watch aspects that you can’t get from the Apple watch.

1. You must own another Apple device to use the Apple watch properly.

Not to mention what you had to pay for the case that the case came in.
Forget for a second that you’ll be paying several hundred dollars at a minimum for the Apple watch. If you want to take full advantage of the fitness and music apps, you’ll have to purchase an iPhone, iPad, iPod, iCashSuck or some other Apple device first. So if you are an Android or any other phone user, you’ll have to swing down to your local phone store (I’m sure you won’t be sitting there all day), hope you can get an iPhone with the current state of your contract and then re-download all your apps. (My wife watched an entire season of Sex and the City in the time it took me to get all my apps reset last time I converted.)

If you really are serious about wanting a fully functioning smart watch without investing the better part of a grand, then check out the Meta collection we have, specifically the M1 Color Bluetooth  4.0 watch. You’ll get a ton of functionality at a much lower price.

2. The Apple watch restricts you to only two size choices.

A massive difference in size (if you ask anyone who hasn’t seen this).
Are you a 38mm or 42mm person? Those are the two categories Apple sees its customers within. Want a tiny watch for your delicate wrist, ladies? Sorry, you’ll have to get the chunky “small” 38mm one. What about you, fellas? Apparently Apple has not got the memo from literally every other fashion watch company that big is (and has been) in for years. For you guys, Apple has the “large” 42mm watch–a case diameter that measures smaller than dozens of women’s watches we carry.

So if you want a stylish, smaller ladies’ watch , consider this Caravelle New York steel model. Or if you want to go big, then really go big with this 65mm massive SBA Chronograph from Diesel.

3. The Apple watch can’t charge itself on its own.

Not actual size. Just actual size level of frustration.
I don’t know about you, but I’m annoyed enough having to charge my phone. Every. Single. Day. I don’t really need the headache of charging something else daily. And while Apple has been coy about how long a charge lasts thus far, it will be nearly impossible to build a power cell that will be longer-lasting than one day, if iPhones are any sort of guide.

If you NEVER want to have to worry about your watch dying you, just get one that is powered by something that is always wireless attached–your wrist. Automatic watches like this Bulova BVA Dual Aperture is powered by your movement. That’s a lot cheaper and more convenient than electricity.

4. You can’t get an Apple watch made with a titanium case.

Fire away, fire away! (Just not at an Apple watch.)
Long held as the most durable watch case material for watches, military personnel, law enforcement, first responders, divers and anyone who requires their watches to be tough in their field, titanium is the one metal that seems to hold up through anything. However, the Apple watch is only made in steel (like most other watches), aluminum (the same material as those soda cans your one-year old can crunch in her fist) and gold (Donald Trump would need a loan to afford that model).

Unless you plan on wearing kid gloves with your Apple watch, look another direction for your timepiece. David Guetta and Sia would undoubtedly agree that something like a Bertucci A-2T Vintage (for him) or an M-1T ProColor (for her) would both be more suitable when considering the durability of titanium.

5. Your security can never be guaranteed with an Apple watch.

If only the iCloud was hacker-free, right J-Law?
You have enough going on in your life without giving cyber-criminals another venue to steal your identity, don’t you? After all, why buy an Apple watch when all of your banking information, credit reports and access to email and social media accounts are on your phone. Sure, Apple tells you it’s secure. But as Jennifer Lawrence can attest to, we’ve all heard that before.

So why take the chance, ladies? You surely don’t need to; not when there are many stylish alternatives out there that ARE GUARANTEED to never surrender any personal information to the public. Hackers can try to crack the Ice-Watch Pink Sili all they want. Nothing except an exquisite movement is hidden inside.

6. The Apple watch is essentially disposable.

Now you can throw out your iPhone and Apple watch together.
iPhone users can already attest to this: A new iPhone is released, and you throw out your still-functioning iPhone just to get the new one that is (allegedly) better. With this first-gen Apple watch, how long will it be before it too is rendered obsolete? Two years? A year? Six months? And then you’ll be back in line waiting to throw the better part of a thousand of your hard-earned dollars at a tech giant that thrives on convincing you what they sold you 8 months ago is now garbage.

Don’t let them play you. You’ll always be chasing trends. You’re too smart for that. So invest your money in something that will last. Not just years, but generations. A Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision watch is something that your grandchild can pass down to his grandchild. That’s quality that lasts and certainly something to be valued, especially in our current “throw-away” culture.

7. The Apple watch won’t slide underneath your shirt cuff easily.

II have no doubt this WON’T drive you nuts. All day. Everyday.
Both sizes of the Apple watch measure in at an extremely clunky 12.6mm. For reference’s sake, the new iPad Air 2 is 6.1mm thick. That means the Apple watch is more than twice as thick as its new tablet. And considering today’s fashion is all about form fitting clothing, the Apple watch doesn’t stand a chance at easily sliding under your button down work shirts.

Thin is in. So you have a wide variety of choices of watches that are both sleek and stylish. One of them happens to be the Obaku Harmony Ultra-Slim model that is perfect for men and women. Do yourself a favor, and pick one of these up. You should enjoy your day without futzing with your wrist every couple minutes.

8. An Apple watch cannot say anything about you.

“I want to be different just like everybody else!”
At first look at the different styles the Apple watch comes in, you can see that there are a few different dials and colors. But look closer. Each has a rectangular case. Each has the crown at the same spot. Each has the same-shaped strap. Are all of these models really that different?

What if you want a mesh band? Or a cherry red dial? Or a forest green strap? Or a round case? Simply put, it’s impossible to express your individuality when you’re wearing a watch that for all intents and purposes looks like a watch that every other hipster or tech geek is wearing. Honestly, where’s the fun in that?

So if you really want to dare to be different with a smart watch, a Mota G2 Pro looks great on anyone’s wrist. Or if you want to go with something full of color, how about the Cogito POP Raspberry Crush smart watch? Now wearing one of those really says something about the person you are.

9. The Apple watch cannot be a for-sure fashion hit.

“Why yes, I am GUESSING you look beautiful tonight.”
Remember Google Glass? And Bluetooth headsets? They were supposed to be the next big thing in 2009 and 2013 respectively. And they never hit. Granted, the Apple watch is not as noticeable because it’s on the wrist rather than the head. But if you decide to get an Apple watch, you might always be remembered as “Bluetooth Johnson” and Randall Meeks are today.

Go with the traditional. The tried-and-true. Go with something that has been around and already has garnered the respect of fashion critics for decades. Something like the Nava Wherever Twilight watch for women or the Daniel Wellington Canterbury Classic in our men’s collection are both excellent selections.

10. The Apple Watch can’t just leave you alone.

In our world of increased connectivity through our e-mail, our phones, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, many of us who are on-the-go have the added pressure to always stay connected 24/7. But is that healthy? Can we become too connected? Do we really need yet another device that will chime in our ear, buzz our wrists or alert our minds to something that will wreck our current train of thought?

The answer to the last question is no. Enough is enough. We have enough things going on in our lives without something else interrupting it. You know that annoying family member or co-worker that is always tapping you on the shoulder and keeping you from being efficient and/or enjoying life? That’s the Apple watch. It never knows when to just let you be.

We here at WatchCo have plenty of unobtrusive watches that know when to stay out of your way. The Fossil Georgia crystal won’t illicit any beeping to wake you from your peaceful slumber. And the Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph will never be talking over you. It always knows when to keep quiet.

So check out the watches on our site that can do what the Apple watch can’t. You never know what you’re going to find.

3 Ways Watches Will Make You Better in Bed

“It’s all in the wrist(watch), my dear.”

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re probably already a fantastic lover. (Congratulations!) So I apologize in advance if this entry doesn’t pertain to you. I promise I’ll make it up to you down the road.

After all, who needs a few extra hints to please his or her significant other in the bedroom (or wherever)? Who could really use some tips on making each other more satisfied. Certainly not you!

But if you want to read this so you’ll have something to talk about when you meet the guys at the bar or be able to make conversation on the next ladies’ night out, keep reading. You like helping your friends out, right?

The biggest thing that couples are missing out on in the bedroom? It’s watches! Both men’s watches and ladies’ watches–no discrimination here. While there are seemingly infinite ways that watches can improve your love life, there are three significant ones that I will focus on here:

1. A good watch will make you very confident.

Ask anyone–confidence is key in the bedroom. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, if you believe you do–that’s good enough:

Of course, look how it worked out in the long run for George Costanza.

And–let’s face it–if you’re doing it right, you probably won’t have much on except for your trusty watch–the good friend right on your wrist encouraging you silently as you go. Pillows and sheets can’t do that people! Nor can they tell time, like this sexy unisex watch below:

The Silvano Gracieux Black & Cherry Ceramic

When it comes to today’s trends, wood is in. And wood is also hip in watch materials, too. (See what I did there? :D ) The Silvano Gracieux series blends polished stainless steel with a luxurious cherry wood blend for a modern look.  The Black & Cherry model above also has an offset date and a 365-day manufacturer’s warranty. That’s one full year of having a whoopie squire at your bidding–how can you go wrong?

2. Wearing a watch in the sack will actually increase your focus.

Think about it: When you have the knowledge that you could look at the time whenever you’d like, that’s enough for it to be an afterthought. So when you’re wondering how long you’ve been doing something, a flick of the wrist will tell you. You don’t need to waste concentration on being curious.–you have enough to be concerned with. So focus is actually increased by having the knowledge of not knowing the time or duration of a certain act. I know it’s confusing, but read this paragraph again, and you’ll understand.

This guy knows a thing or two about reaping the rewards of focus.

So when you’re focused on the task at hand, you don’t need to be doing several things at once (unless you’re a professional, or something). But just in case you want to have the option of optimizing your time efficiency, men’s Skagen watches have the perfect piece:

The Skagen Klassik Multifunction

When you’re timing how long it is before you have to shower before work while weighing the possibility of getting any sleep at all, this Skagen Klassik Men’s Multifunction watch can actually do the work for you. You’re busy enough. Don’t neglect the task at hand. Skagen can help you prioritize for as long as you live with its lifetime warranty.

3. Watches can be quite the aphrodisiac.

Guys, what’s the first thing you look at when you’re checking out a new lady? Eyes? Hair? OK–so maybe her wrist doesn’t make the top three (or five), but it’s still up there. You want to be with someone who enjoys the finer things in life. After all, a lady with a touch of class is better than a lady with a killer…

Hey, it sure worked for Kanye (and Kris Humphries).

…smile. (I’m on fire right now.)

And ladies, when you’re scanning for bling on the ring finger, you know your eyes will wander to his wrist to see what he’s rocking. You think Beyonce would have married Jay-Z if his wrist was naked? No way. In fact, her eyes are already wandering to another luxury watch connoisseur (and Tha Carter is none to happy about it, either).

So maybe you don’t have as much money in your Gucci bag as Kim Kardashian does, but you can still look the part with a watch from one of the most underrated brands we carry:

The Toy Watch Toy2Fly Skeleton Plasteramic

Unlike its name, Toy Watch is not a brand of toy watches (like some other ones we carry*). It’s actually one of the movers-and-shakers in the ladies’ watch industry. For instance, ladies’ Toy Watch models like the Toy2Fly Skeleton Plasteramic were one of the first to offer an automatic movement with a high-quality rubber strap and a ceramicized case. Then some snooty luxury brands caught on and made basically the same thing with a five-figure price tag.

But you’ve got brains and beauty, so you would never fall for that, would you? Trust me, I speak from experience when I say that the right watch will center your aura, give you the confidence you need and sexify yourself beyond belief. Want proof? This photo was taken of me yesterday:

This is our Director of Vibe Eric Balkman. He looks much different when not wearing a watch.

(Ed. note: This may or may not be the author. We can’t find any evidence the photo was doctored. He just REALLY found the right watch.)

I’ve wasted enough of your time. Strap on your new timepiece and start living life.


WATCHCO EXCLUSIVE: Bertucci Para-Cord Titanium Watch

The Bertucci Mens A-2T Vintage Exclusive Tritium Braided Para-Cord Analog Titanium #12080

Very seldom in our business do we get a product that has buzzing with excitement for weeks. But this Bertucci Para-Cord Titanium #12080 is one of truly great exceptions to the rule. Here’s a few reasons why:

1. This para-cord strap is one of the strongest watch bands we’ve ever seen.

While I’ve been prone to hyperbole in the past, this is simply not an example of that, especially compared to our other nylon strap watches. At all. This braided para-cord olive drab band will not break despite our best efforts. Soldiers and astronauts have used para-cord in the field before because of its toughness and resistance to almost, well, anything really. Several individual strands of rope are inside each braid of this strap.

To put it bluntly–although perhaps a bit grotesquely–if one of these Bertucci watch bands were to get caught on something, your wrist or arm would rip off of your body long before this watch would separate from the unbreakable titanium band retention lug bars that attach it to the case of the watch. So if you are rather, ahem, “attached” to those limbs, make sure you are aware of this timepiece’s shear power before you go willy-nilly into the great outdoors.

“Four Leaf” Tayback didn’t wear one of these Para-Cord Bertuccis in Vietnam. Or lose his hands there either. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, make sure you see Tropic Thunder.

2. Its Swiss Ronda 700 movement will keep you on time forever.

The only thing that will slow this watch down is the battery–not the movement. Swiss watches are already known for being the best, and more specifically the Swiss Ronda 700 is one of the most precise movements available in the watch industry. It’s usually found in much more luxury-styled watches that sell for well over $10,000. But Bertucci watches went all out when it designed this model, putting such an exquisite movement in a field watch.

Since the movement is so intricate, in addition to being hyper-accurate to the second, it will hardly drain the battery in the process. At a minimum, you can expect six to seven years of life from the 12080, while a decade without the battery needing changing is probably more realistic.

This Bertucci battery will keep going, and going, and going…(until we get sued for copyright infringement. Hey, we recommend Energizer batteries, everyone!)

3. The sapphire crystal makes it nearly scratch-proof.

Instead of run-of-the-mill mineral glass, this men’s watch uses sapphire for the crystal material. Sapphire is a much stronger material, obviously, so you’d have to really do a number on this crystal over many, many years for you to ever see any kind of marking on it.

So beautiful, and yet so tough and hardened to resist change. Sort of like my wife.

And while sapphire crystals are more prone to shattering than mineral glass ones, this Bertucci men’s watch has recessed the crystal deeper into the case. Even if you were to go out of your way to try and break this crystal, you would not have much luck. (Trust me, we tried this. For a half-hour straight.)

4. The titanium watch case and screw-down crown will withstand the toughest test.

Because of the density of the strap, the watch would be slightly heavier than standard Bertucci Vintage series watches. However, replacing the stainless steel case with a U.S. patented titanium one actually makes the case about a third of the normal weight. So this watch, even though it is quite a bit lighter (1.9 ounces total weight) than the regular Bertucci A-2 watches, is actually exponentially stronger and will probably outlive its wearer.

I expected the Bertucci to look like this Rolex after my toughness tests. It marked the first time I have ever been wrong. About anything. Ever.

The screw-down crown keeps moisture, dust and everything else that could seep in and damage the movement. It was easier for Ocean’s 12 to break in and steal the Fabergé egg than it would be for any harmful materials to get inside this watch.

The worst of the three Ocean’s movies. Yet it’s also my third-favorite Scott Caan movie. Overall.

5. The superluminova hands make it easy to read no matter your environment.

Shockingly enough, the Bertucci WatchCo exclusive watch is brighter than this blingy behemoth.

Whether you’re defending a country or playing a super-intense game of late-night paintball, you’ll be able to accurately synchronize operations. Make sure you have a sleeve that will cover up this bad boy when you are covertly assembling. The hands and markers are so bright that they could give away your location from thousands of yards away.

OK, so THAT’S hyperbole, but I had to use it somewhere in this review. Frankly, this watch is so awesome, it’s pretty difficult to exaggerate how fantastic a tactical watch it is. The biggest aspect that I thought would slow our sales on it was going to be what I thought would easily be a $400-500 price tag at a minimum. Not so, as we currently have a sale on this model for $259.99.

So, what are you waiting for? You’ll get the Bertucci warranty since we are an authorized dealer of the brand, and we can’t afford to offer this deal forever. (Even though that’s exactly the length of time this Para-Cord Titanium Bertucci watch will probably last you.)

Oh, and rent Tropic Thunder if you haven’t seen it yet. I promise you, you’re in for a treat. Stop people from looking at you like this guy when you tell them you haven’t seen it:

Les Grossman, when does your spin-off hit theaters?

4 Watches That Are a Must For a Baseball Game

But can he do it…with his wrist looking good?


Spring is upon us already, watch fans. And for the WatchCo headquarters in Northeast Wisconsin, it could not have come early enough. Obviously with spring comes warmer temperatures. And with warmer temperatures comes America’s national pastime: baseball.

So what do watches have to do with baseball you ask? Well, nothing on the surface. Baseball is not a timed sport. A game could last two hours or eight hours. If rain holds up a game, it’s not postponed to a later time, it starts when the rain stops. And if you’re watching a good game, how often do you really look at your watch.

Well, sports fans, I’m here to tell you that you’d better not leave for the ballpark without your sports watch for many reasons. But don’t bring any old timepiece laying in the bottom of your drawer. Make sure you wear a watch that has benefits on it that are more than just giving you the time.

Without further adieu, here are our watches that are perfect for sporting at the stadium:

The Pulsar Tech Gear

With the money being pumped into Major League Baseball (MLB) today, it’s no shock that many teams are tearing down their old fields and building up new ones with domes or retractable roofs to eliminate rainouts. (Although, for what it’s worth, the teams with the two largest payrolls in MLB–the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees both have open air stadiums. Guess that’s just in case the money piles up too high.)

So even in baseball’s biggest markets, fans still need to be wary of rainouts before they leave for the game. But strap on this computer, and you won’t be one of those poor saps. The Tech Gear has both an altimeter and barometer so you can know if weather is shaping up to be warm and sunny or cloudy and rainy before you lock your front door. Don’t be one of the sheep–be the shepherd.

The Reactor Graviton World Tide

While this watch may be better served for fans of the San Diego Padres or Miami Marlins, it still has a big benefit for fans everywhere. The Graviton will calculate tide charts and times for its wearer to 275 locations world wide. So whether you want to sneak out to catch a few tasty waves after the Angels afternoon game or know what time you have to be out fishing the morning after you watch your beloved Red Sox at Fenway, the Graviton will definitely make your life easier. Right, Jeff?

“Where’d you get that jacket?”


The Seiko Sportura Chronograph

Don’t worry, ladies. I haven’t forgot about you. I know you dig baseball, and that’s cool. Up in Milwaukee, we have Front Row Amy smiling behind home plate of every Brewers game, so females are huge part of baseball’s fan base. But just because you want to take in a game played by scruffy, smelly, dirty men, it doesn’t mean you can’t show off your style.

This chronograph watch times out everything to 0.05 seconds. Impress the misogynistic heckler behind you when you tell him it takes Felix Hernandez 0.85 seconds to get rid of the ball to home plate. Or time out how long the umpire is letting the opposing team’s pitching coach visit the mound. You can be the one who signals the start of 50,000 boos with this stunning wristwatch.

Casio G-Shock Winter G-LIDE LED

Yeah, yeah–it’s a winter watch. So what? I’ll take Carlos Casio (Ed. note: There is no Carlos Casio) on myself and tell him he misnamed this model because everything about it screams summer baseball.

First off, it looks like a baseball on your wrist–mostly white with red trim and a round-shaped case are as close to the pill as you can get. This baby is shock resistant as well, so in case you misjudge that home run ball and it hits your wrist instead of your mitt, you won’t have to worry about it shattering.

With the breathable resin strap, you won’t even notice it on your wrist, even if it’s adjacent to your foam finger, baseball glove or beer (Ed. note: Please drink responsibly.) Hopefully you won’t be sitting front row with this piece on because everyone will have their eyes glued to your wrist, bottom of the ninth or not.

So there you have it sports fans. All of these are in stock at WatchCo now, so get yours while you can. And then some peanuts and Cracker Jack for your kid for pete’s sake–especially if he or she has to spend nine innings sitting next to this woman:

3 Reasons Why Watches Are More Tempting Than a Cinnabon

6a00e54f10a0988834019afffc1529970cOh, yeah! We all pretend to hate them, but when we walk by Cinnabon in the mall, we always make an excuse to break away from our friends to steal a taste or at least a sinful whiff. Cinnabon cinnamon rolls are one of the rare foods on earth that magically go from devilishly delicious to dreadfully disgusting in the span of a few bites.

So with a dessert this addicting, how could watches actually be more tempting than the sweet, sticky Cinnabon? Well, in most respects, watches are not more tempting.  But there are three distinct reasons that make Cinnabons much easier to resist than a tasty new timepiece:

1.  You know you’ll look a lot sexier with a watch draped on your wrist than a cinnamon roll smashed all over your face.

We all want to look good. And if you’re looking for a ladies watch on our site, clearly you want to look your best. So you be the judge–which would you rather be?

The girl with the crazy Makara look in her eye:


Or LPGA golfer Paula Creamer wearing her Citizen Eco-Drive Riva:


Yeah, I know–tough choice, ladies. Clearly you want to look your best and not wear your last meal all over your face.

2. Watches will make you feel better and make your clothes fit properly.

Again, this one seems obvious. But then you think about that sugar doing a sultry tango with your tongue, and you need some reassurance that giving into your watch temptation is the correct call. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m just going to show you what happened to one guy after chowing down an entire roll with extra icing:


Nasty, isn’t it? If you look close, you can actually see the individual roll textures on his belly. So instead of taking the next step toward type-2 diabetes, take the next step towards high fashion with this MTM Special Ops Black Warrior:


 It’s got a sapphire crystal. It’s black. It’s sexy. And it’s one of the best watches we carry for less than $800. And while a Cinnabon is going to drastically cut down your survival time when you’re out exploring the world, the MTM Warrior will help extend your life in the same situation. So what’s more tempting to you–continuing to live? Or dying of an overdose of sugary dough?

3. Swiss watches won’t give you a false sense of self-awareness.

I think you look good. You think you look good. Everyone thinks you look good. Why? Because you’re probably already wearing one of the awesome pure white watches from like the Mondaine Evo Bold:


Watches like that give you the confidence to flirt, ask for a promotion or do both at the same time. I mean, has anyone ever really been confident stuffing their face with a 3,500-calorie behemoth? (Well, maybe one guy…)

52b57764d46b6404a7b38fed82d8ce580a4ccbdad86e144f1f560830b612ccfdBut if you’re not a one-ton baby-eating Scotsman that hates British secret agents, perhaps you’d be more tempted to don one of the most stylish women’s watches we carry: The Projects Ana Richard Meier Limited Edition:

6020LTDThis thing is sweetly unique. It has a new slate gray-colored dial from Projects and also features a braided steel bezel. Ladies, you’ll definitely be more tempted to show off this timeless gem for at least a decade at a minimum than to dread all of the treadmill time you’re going to have to put in to work off that early-death-in-a-box.

Remember, a moment on the lips, forever on the hips!

But a moment on the wrist, and you’ll feel cool.

(I’m a blogger, not a poet.)

Thanks for reading!