10 Days With The Suunto Movescount Fitness Tracker

I’ve been using a Suunto heart rate monitor for fitness and training for a few years now. I’ve found it to be a great way to keep me motivated and avoid skipping workouts. But keeping my own training journal is a chore that I often skip. So when we got our newest shipment of Suunto Quest Running Packs I decided to give the free software tracking website Suunto Movescount a try.

I’m a data junkie. Whether it be the satisfaction of crossing off another block on the calendar, or logging more mileage on the bike or run, seeing that I’ve made efforts to improve is a big motivator. A guy that I used to train with often said “that which is not measured cannot be improved upon.” With that in mind the movescount system is a great tool for my motivation. After every workout all I have to do is a simple three-step process (that takes about 30 seconds) of inserting the usb pod, launching the software, and then syncing the watch data to the Movescount website. Seconds later I’m looking at my workout data such as heart rate, calorie burn, training effect, mileage, etc. There’s no need for me to log it in a spreadsheet, it’s all on the site.

Now I’m not a serious athlete. I’m just a 40-year-old married father of one who is trying to stay in the same size pants. So don’t think that this system is only for the freakishly fit Ironman guy you see at the gym every single time you go. It’s easily applied to a guy like me who wants to shed a few pounds. My favorite metric that I seem to pay attention to the most is the “calories burned” info. At the end of the day the key to fitness is diet and exercise. What I like to do is (try to) to keep my daily calorie intake to a reasonable level and then get a few workouts in each week to burn a few extra calories while building some lean muscle. For me, seeing the fact that I’ve burned 4,400 calories in the last 10 days over 7 workouts is motivation to get back at the gym and keep at it.

Did I mention that Movescount is free? Free is good. I’ve seen other systems that charge a monthly fee of $19.99. I’m only using a portion of the features in Movescount; they’ve got training plans, communities and the ability to plug in additional pods such as bike & GPS that I’ll be testing out soon. Check out this video for some more on Movescount.

Suunto Movescount Screen 1
Suunto Movescount Screen 1, click to enlarge
Suunto Movescount Screen 2
Suunto Movescount Screen 2, click to enlarge

Suunto Movescount Screen 1
Suunto Movescount Screen 3, click to enlarge