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Bulova Watches

Bulova Watches

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About Bulova Watches

Bulova watches were founded by 24-year-old Bohemian immigrant Joseph Bulova in 1897 Woodside, New York where its headquarters remain today, nearly a century-and-a-half later. Putting an emphasis on innovation and technological evolution, Mr. Bulova grew his business to the point that a second operation was established in Flushing, New York as well. American citizens grew to associate the name Bulova with advancement, which was never more evident than in 1941 when Bulova watches paid for the first aired television commercial before a baseball game on a New York station. Mr. Bulova’s educational legacy lives on today through the Joseph Bulova School of Watchmaking, which has now been flourishing for nearly seven decades.

Accutron Watches

Birthed in 1960, the Bulova Accutron was hailed as the first fully electronic watch. The hands of each Bulova Accutron watch are driven by a tuning fork inside the movement, which is how the watches keep such accurate time. Since the tuning fork itself is in turn powered by an electronic oscillator circuit, the Bulova Accutron watches can be considered the world’s first electronic watch. Railroad engineers quickly took to these men’s Bulova Accutrons, and the time pieces became the first railroad-approved watches in the history of the country. While other watches rely upon batteries or cells that eventually die out, many Accutron watches have automatic movements that are powered by the wearer’s wrist. So not only is each Accutron watch extraordinarily accurate, but it will also remain as such for quite a long time. In addition to the aforementioned literature on this technology, the following is also true about Accutron watches:

  • Almost four million tuning fork Accutrons were sold before 1977.
  • Bulova used a round 214 movement in the original men’s Accutrons, which featured the crown and stem on the case back instead of the side of the case.
  • Today’s “skeleton” watches were inspired by the Accutron watch “Spaceview”.
  • The Spaceview models of Accutron watches were never meant to be mass-produced. They were only intended to show potential buyers how the watch worked.
  • All Bulova Accutrons are water-resistant to various degrees and can easily accommodate an active lifestyle.

Bulova Watches for Sale Include:

  • Precisionist Series – The newest Bulova watch series that boasts a sweep secondhand and is accurate to within 10 seconds each year.
  • Marine Star Series – For all yachters and sailors, each Bulova watch is befitting for the high seas or a leisurely Sunday afternoon on the bay.
  • Automatic Series – These high-end Bulova watches will never require battery replacements, as the movement winds automatically every time it is worn.
  • Caravelle Series – Bulova’s economic series of watches features the same quality and fashionable stylings as you would expect, but for less cost. carries an extensive Bulova line containing various tastes and styles. Sophisticated and elegant, the Bulova watches are among the most functional and fashionable in the industry. Formal enough for the chicest of black tie affairs, each Bulova watch turns heads everywhere it is worn. And even if formality is not needed, ample amounts of men’s and women’s Bulova watches are available for any occasion as well. also provides client testimonials and Bulova watch reviews so that you can discover what everyone else is saying about the Bulova brand.

Turn Heads with a Bulova Watch

Bulova was established in 1875 in Woodside, Queens, New York by Joseph Bulova, a Bohemian immigrant. America's leading watchmaker, Bulova continues to manufacture popular wristwatches including casual, dress, diamond accented and sport watches for men and women.

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