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Casio G Shock Watches

The Quintessential Tough Timepiece

A Casio creator once had a vision of a watch that simply could never be broken. And for 25 years, that vision of G Shock watches have been the dominant force in the industry of the ultimate in durability. Through innovative intellect and a tireless work ethic, these models remain the industry standard.

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More Information on G-Shock

Built for the people who love watches but desire more in regards to durability and toughness, the Casio G-Shock has met the needs of the most demanding wearer since the mid-1980s. Each watch is tested under the most tough circumstances to ensure that it will not let consumers down when they need their watches the most. Over the past decade, G-Shocks have become quite a fashion statement in Hollywood, the music industry and with many pro athletes as well. With hundreds of new models being introduced each year, the G-Shock has become the ultimate collectible watch.

The G-Shock is among the most durable watches ever made in history. Hard knocks and water don't stand a chance against these rugged beasts.

As always, is an Authorized Retailer of G-Shock Watches.

G-Shock Progression

First produced in Japan in 1983, the Casio G-Shock was originally designed to be 100 meters water resistant and withstand a fall of 10 meters. The original battery was meant to last for at least 10 years as well.

While Casio—the brand that makes and distributes all G-Shocks—had been around since the 1950s, the G-Shock itself was not released until about three decades later. In Casio’s ever expanding watch market, engineers were always working on developing new products. One of these products was a watch that would be the first of its kind to adhere to something known as the “Triple 10” concept. The Triple 10 meant that the battery would last ten years, the water resistance would go to 10 bar (100 meters) and the watch would withstand any freefall from a 10 meter drop.

The testing was quite rigorous for the first G-Shock prototypes. In addition to the water resistance depth testing and battery life experimentation, engineers also went on top of roofs and third-story balconies to put the watches’ durability to test to see if they could indeed be labeled as Triple 10 models. In fact, technically speaking, the G-Shock models could be labeled as “Quadruple 10” watches, given that there are ten layers protecting the actual quartz movement mechanism at the heart of the watch.

Where G-Shock Is Today

To say that the G-Shock brand has skyrocketed in popularity really would not do justice to the watch line. From its humble beginnings, G-Shock has now sold tens of millions of watches with several hundred new models being released each year. No shortage of celebrities sporting these models exists either. Whether it’s musicians like Ed Sheeran, Kid Cudi or Coldplay’s Chris Martin, actors like Tom Cruise or athletes like Lamar Odom, G-Shock watches have become quite trendy despite their relatively small price tag.

Based on the popularity of the G-Shock brand, a series designed specifically for women—the Baby-G—was introduced in 1991 and is also on a similar sales arc as far as how many are finding their way onto consumers’ wrists. And while they are wearing G-Shocks, rather than Baby-G watches, film directors Francis Ford Coppola, Ron Howard and the late Tony Scott were all big fans of the brand. Many US Special Forces soldiers have also expressed their love of G-Shock watches, and NASA has even approved a half-dozen of the timepieces for space travel for its astronauts.

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