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Cheapo Watches

Cheapo Watches

Born in Sweden in 1997

The Cheapo collection combines minimalism with pop-art. We have reworked some classics in all three categories, and added a few new eye-catching styles. For the watch line, Cheapo Watches continue to work with our solid base of styles, dressed up in multiple color and pattern variations; both timeless and modern. All watches have Japanese made movements and are produced in durable materials.

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Learn More about Cheapo

As you can probably guess from the name of the brand, Cheapo isn’t exactly the most expensive type of watches in the world. And that is purely by design since the founders of Cheapo wanted all of its watches to have the capability to be worn by anyone anywhere at any time. Cheapo examines what modern fashion does, and then turns around and crafts its products to be the exact opposite. Simplicity and playfulness are still very recognizable in this collection. So if those two aspects of life sound like things you enjoy, then take a closer look at Cheapo watches.

Motivated to differentiate itself from stuffy, pretentious fashion, Cheapo challenges its fans to do the same through its quality watches.

As with every brand we carry, is an Authorized Retailer of Cheapo Watches.

Cheapo Back Story

Fed up with the classist attitude of many consumer brands, a few friends got together to launch their own line of clothing and accessories. Their mission was to produce high quality products that were for everyone, not just the ruling elite.

The 1990s represented a time of affluence and success for the United States as well as much of the developed world. Unfortunately this time of excess made much of America participate in the flaunting of wealth that has reached Biblical proportions today. A few outliers in Sweden recognized this, and in 1997 they launched a brand—aptly named Cheapo—that would be affordable for all and could be worn by all. Society’s conventions were thrown out the window, and Cheapo’s following began to grow.

These caring and entrepreneurial minds developed a brand that would not have its products limited by circumstance or occasion. Each item they sell—from clothing to sunglasses to watches—can be worn anywhere at any time. Based on the principle of constantly challenging themselves, their wearers—and really the world—to be different and knowing that going with the flow is usually not a wise decision, Cheapo has become a cult brand lauded by many young people in Europe, Asia and North America.

Who Would Wear a Cheapo Watch

The person who always says he or she can’t understand why anyone would ever buy more than one watch is the person you need to get a Cheapo watch for at the next gift-giving opportunity He or she can strap it on in the morning, head to work, then happy hour, hit up a Black Keys concert, and cap it all off with a late dinner at a swanky French bistro. Because of their youthful designs, Generation-Y and Millennials may find the appeal of Cheapo more interesting than the generations before them, but that’s hardly a hard-and-fast rule. Remember—Cheapo is the brand for everyone, and they mean anyone who is part of everyone.

Pop art and street art meet an Americanized version of minimalism in all of the Cheapo pieces. The brand plays with a variety of colors, patterns and textures in all of its straps creating an unconventional finished product that thousands of people smile at when looking at them on their wrists. But Cheapo really isn’t for “everyone”. As posted on its site, they don’t want any bigots or misogynists wearing their stuff, so stay away from those timepieces if you fit that criteria.

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