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Cogito Smart Watches

Cogito Smart Watches

Award-winning technology on your wrist.

Introducting the new Cogito POP and CLASSIC smart watches at These new Cogito smart watches have gotten excellent media reviews as well as award nominations at the 2014 CES. Ranging from $129 to $179, Cogito watches are an affordable and stylish way to stay connected.

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More Information on Cogito

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, we all want to make sure we stay as connected as possible to the things that matter to us. But does that also mean we should operate at everyone else’s schedule but our own? Cogito smart watches answer that question without a resounding no. Many smart watches will keep you notified to what you need to know, but few do it as unobtrusively as Cogito. Through their Quick Glance feature and ability to connect to nearly every social media network invented, Cogito is redefining the way smart watches operate.

Combing the intricacy of an accurate timepiece with the clout and capabilities of a smart watch, the Cogito collection gives you colossal power.

As with every brand we carry, is an Authorized Dealer of Cogito Watches.

Cogito Origins

One of the products of a worldwide brand that strives to keep the world connected, Cogito timepieces are the alternative to the stuffy, bland smart watches available. Cogito wearers stay connected and true to themselves at the same time.

Cogito is part of a larger scale operation that is on the cutting edge of technology. ConnecteDevice, which has its North American location in Seattle, also has its European headquarters in Paris. But the two centers that are most integral to its manufacturing are in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. It’s here that ConnecteDevice runs its “appcessories” business, which is really defined as accessories that rely upon mobile applications to run at peak efficiency. Not only does the company make sure that its products are of the most advanced, but that they also are fashionable as well.

The Cogito smartwatch—which is the flagship brand of all ConnecteDevice products—is what is referred to as the “connected watch”. It allows its wearers to manage their phone calls, text messages and all other personal alerts while still enjoying their day-to-day lifestyle. The “Quick Glance” feature on all Cogitos instantly informs the wearer of all notifications awaiting him or her. And because each watch only takes minutes to set up and is water resistant up to 100 meters, the watches are at the height of convenience.

Where Cogito Is Today

Cogito divided its smart watches into two series: The Classic and the Pop. While you may want to pick up a Classic for the office or formal occasions due to its more uniform, stylish look, pick up a Pop for the weekends or any fun events. Many younger people—such as the millennial generation—may like a Pop for a music festival or football game, the Classic is more suited for—well—a suit at a wedding or meeting. But anyone who wants to say connected to the world without being a slave to it would love either.

Winner of both the 2014 Bronze A’Design Award and being honored by the International Consumer Electronics Show Innovations Design and Engineering Awards, Cogito continues to be one of the most sought after smart watches available in the industry right now. The analog dial on all its watches feature digital notifications from such social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. Not only that, but each Cogito will also control your camera, act as your DJ with your music collection and help find your phone if you ever lose it, too.

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