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Well-designed, fun and affordable watches rooted in the world of colors and elegant design, TOKYObay is quickly becoming a staple for the trend savvy consumer. The style expressed appeals to a wide range, tugging at those 'playful' strings in all of us.

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    Thank goodness for true and long-lasting friendships. If one of the most prolific design minds from England had never met one of the great accessory moguls in Japanese history, we wouldn’t have the wonderful TOKYObay watch collection to enjoy every day. Featuring the simplicity of Far East culture along with the vivid colors of the West Coast of the States and regality fit for British royalty, TOKYObay watches bring an individuality to the industry that it had sorely been missing for years.

    TOKYObay creates quality watches and other accessories for the people who desire fashionable timepieces that are as modern as they are fun.


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    TOKYObay History

    Introduced to the world in the late-1980s, British designer Dory Isaacs and Japanese accessories magnate Jun Kobayashi came together with a singular vision. They would create a brand that would blend restraint with cutting edge fashion.

    Lifelong friends Isaacs and Kobayashi often talked about art and design over coffee and meals for years before finally coming together to create the TOKYObay brand. Their idea would not simply be “just another collection”, but it would represent seasons, emotions and the confluence of the wonderful aspects of this world coming together to blossom into striking beauty. Kobayashi was an expert when it came to marketing accessories and Isaacs’ mind was full of artistic potential.

    Utilizing their passions and strengths while streamlining the process, the two friends-turned-business-partners owned one of the most-talked-about brands in fashion circles. Playing with different color combinations and—sometimes bizarre—textures with raw materials from around the world, each TOKYObay watch is unique and speaks to the individual wearer with a completely different voice. The scope of time from the birth of fashion to present day is covered throughout each series.

    Who Would Wear a TOKYObay Watch

    The fashion-conscious individual who realizes that it does indeed matter what image you are projecting to the world will definitely find the right timepiece for him or her within the TOKYObay line. From the slender, skinny-tied writer to the smiling, ambitious florist, TOKYObay brings aspects of culture to life every single time one of its watches is showcased on a wrist. These watches can be the friend of the farmer’s market patron, the afternoon sailor and even the social media mogul working in that high rise in Manhattan. The timepieces are bold, yet don’t take anything too serious. If you are anywhere that requires you to exude bright colors, then a TOKOYbay watch is the correct selection.

    Because of Kobayashi’s accessory expertise, TOKYObay soon expanded from wristwatches to handbags to many other necessary lifestyle accoutrements that men and women find imperative in today’s go-go world. Anyone wanting to see these watches in person won’t have to look far given that TOKYObay’s reach has forced them to open up showrooms in nearly a dozen major cities across the United States. With each passing season, TOKYObay finds new inspiration in creating fresh works of art for anyone who matters.