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Daniel Wellington Watches

Daniel Wellington Watches

A Watch for Every Occasion

The Daniel Wellington watch is a 'Jack of all trades' type, able to blend in among casual day to day events or big list parties. The slim profile and interchangeable Nato straps allow for unparalleled outfit combinations. Simple and beautifully designed, the Daniel Wellington is the perfect companion.

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What We Know About Daniel Wellington

Designed by the British, cut from the mold of Scandinavian minimalism and inspired by a sole hiker in the Australian Outback, it truly took an entire world to come together in unison to give life to the Daniel Wellington brand of watches. Pairing vivid colors with traditional military-style NATO watchbands is the very essence of this brand, and based on the worldwide reach of these watches, there is no limit to the changeability and breadth of choices that Daniel Wellington offers.

From prep school to conquering the world, Daniel Wellington watches are always there, adorning the wrists of difference makers everywhere.

  • Men’s Daniel Wellington - Perfect with a casual Oxford shirt or brightly-colored polo, these men’s designs are bright and pop off the wrist to a gazer’s eye. Don’t mistake their thin cases for unremarkable fashion, either. These designs don’t blend into or with anything.
  • Women’s Daniel Wellington - If your wrist could sing, these watches would make it shatter glass with a joyous soprano tone. From the gallant primary colors to the fresh pastels, there’s no limit to what you can do with any of these pieces when paired with your seasonal style.

As with every brand we carry, is an Authorized Retailer of Daniel Wellington Watches.

Daniel Wellington Backstory

After a chance encounter with a unique individual backpacking through Australia in 2006, Filip Tysander was inspired to create a watch brand that paired well with the casual clothing of the affluent.

Despite not having the background of a proper watch designer, Tysander launched the Daniel Wellington brand in 2011, five years after he met the company’s namesake whilst hiking through Australia. Tysander took notice of Wellington’s expensive Rolex Submariner watch which he kept attached onto his wrist via an old, dark, British military-style NATO strap. Tysander became quite taken with the style, and his mind raced with thoughts of developing an entire brand solely based on that concept.

After traveling back to Stockholm and doing the necessary research, he launched Daniel Wellington watches. Making a few tweaks to Wellington’s original piece, he flattened and thinned out the case leaving very little to differentiate each watch based on the case alone. Tysander wanted the emphasis to be on the colors of each NATO strap which contained Marlboro reds, Easter egg pinks and blues of both Honolulu and bold royal. For Tysander, it is the strap that makes the watch.

The Daniel Wellington brand was never born to stand on its own however. From the get-go, each timepiece is designed to complement the bespoke slacks of Gant, the pristine, fitted button-down shirts of Ralph Lauren and the always fashionable designs of a Brooks Brothers necktie. Daniel Wellington purports itself to be a “preppy” watch brand, but once your eyes dance upon these light, crisp wristwatches, it’s easy to see that the entire collection is much more versatile than that.

Who Fits in to Daniel Wellington

Clearly Daniel Wellington slants closer to the prep school graduates continuing their education at Oxford or Cambridge, or even the wearers that will be running our world in less than a decade. But there is a certain tone of fun and frivolity in Daniel Wellington watches that also exists at the forefront of nearly everyone. Yes, you may be more likely to see smiling yachters with sunglasses on but socks off sporting their Daniel Wellingtons just off the coast. But the Scandinavian minimalism that exudes from each model makes them perfect for a walk along the river, a casual cup of coffee or even reaching for a foul ball at a baseball game.

Tysander would like to develop rather than follow the next fashion trend, and so his Daniel Wellington brand has released some gorgeous rose gold cased watches with fabric NATO straps. Also included on each band are subtle hints of more traditional leather straps. Perhaps this will indeed be the future of minimalist watches, but regardless, Daniel Wellington has already carved out a specific niche in the present of the watch industry. Fulfilling that “something missing” void within the timepiece market as Tysander put it, any preppy would eagerly say that Daniel Wellington already seems to be ahead of the curve.

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