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Lum-Tec Watches

Lum-Tec Watches

Featuring the exclusive MDV Technology

Whether you're looking for a tactical combat watch or a visually striking uniquely designed watch, the new line of Lum-Tec Watches has something for everyone from watch enthusiast to combat specialist. Pioneering a new luminous application technology, every Lum-Tec watch features MDV Technology, their own exclusive 8 layer application of ultra bright Super-Luminova photo-luminescent material. All Lum-Tec watches featuring MDV Technology have extremely visible and well lit hands and hour markers, so you'll never be left in the dark... at least about what time it is.

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More Information on Lum-Tec

While most luxury brands are manufactured overseas, Lum-Tec is designed and built right here in the United States. After serving as a repair shop at first, Lum-Tec’s parent company moved onto modifying existing luxury watches before launching the Lum-tec line. With its trademarked Maximum Darkness Visibility treatment that gets applied to all of its watches, Lum-Tec has set itself apart as the American leader in luxury watches that cost a fraction of what they would if they were put together in Switzerland.

Lum-Tec watches are designed based on the desires and views of watch fans everywhere. Lum-Tec develops new ideas with each of its creations.

  • Bull45 - Without a doubt this is the bad boy series of Lum-Tec. Each square-shaped bullhead case measures 45mm and comes with the Lum-Tec MDV feature. This Limited Edition collection won’t be around forever, collectors. So pick one up while they are still being manufactured.
  • Combat - The timepieces in this series perform just like you would assume they would based on their name. Another Limited Edition series, the Combat watches each have Swiss Ronda movements and strap onto your wrist with military-grade durable NATO straps.
  • LUMzilla - If the Bull45 is the Big Mac of Lum-Tec, then the LUMzilla is definitely the Whopper. A massive 50mm case holds a dial with oversized hands and numerals. If you were ever in the field and needed a clock on your wrist that could be seen from space, then this is the watch for you.

As with every brand we carry, is an Authorized Retailer of Lum-Tec Watches.

Lum-Tec History

Launched as the flagship brand of Wiegand Custom Watch in the early 2000s, Lum-Tec is known as the luxury brand with all of the quality, but almost none of the price. Each timepiece is built by hand on-site in this family-run business in the heart of Ohio, USA.

Originally a company that supplied watch parts to various jewelers and consumers, Wiegand Custom Watch began doing repairs themselves, including improving the quality of several well-known brands by replacing some of the parts inside the movement. After a time, Wiegand began to manufacture their own watches, and soon Lum-Tec was developed as the pinnacle of the watches Wiegand produced. Lum-Tec continues to modify their pieces based upon the feedback they get from clients around the world.

Producing only between 50 and 400 pieces of each model it makes, Lum-Tec often includes a certificate of authenticity on its individually numbered watches that gets shipped from its shop. Lum-Tec has also developed Maximum Darkness Visibility (MDV), an eight-layer process in which the treatment is applied to the hands and markers of each model. Each watch then glows in ultra-brightness through the Super-Luminova photo-luminescence. You won’t find that technology in any watch that is not made by the good people at Wiegand Custom Watch.

Where Lum-Tec Is Today

Because of their luxury status that is paired with a rugged field-level durability, Lum-Tec watches are extremely multi-functional as well as pleasing to the horophile’s eye. A high-powered executive might strap on his Combat series model just before he leaves for work and not take it off until he gets home from pheasant hunting early in the evening. The truth is that because of the MDV technology and the unique design of each timepiece, these models are suitable for the office, the bar or even the deer stand. Be it a co-worker’s going away party, a daughter’s dance recital, your first face-to-face with your company’s president or an afternoon at the ball game, you can’t go wrong with a Lum-Tec.

People desiring a high-end watch with all the trimmings continue to add more and more Lum-Tecs to their collection. Founder Chris Wiegand has already made known his desire to make Lum-Tec a global brand rather than just the USA-dominated one it has skyrocketed to. The next time you have a high-powered business meeting across the pond or take in a football match in the Bundesliga, you may see more than a few of the people around you sporting an M-series or V-series Lum-Tec. As they become more pervasive in American culture, you may see them being worn at backyard barbecues or cocktail parties as well, given their versatility.

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