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Luminox Watches

Luminox Watches

Luminox Watches

Tactical and Rugged Field Watches

Luminox was the original Navy Seals original tactical watch. Starting with that simple tritium watch, Luminox has expanded into a complete line of Swiss-made tactical watches. Worn by law enforcement, police officers and regular old weekend warriors, Luminox watches meet every demand.

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About Luminox Watches

Luminox watches were made to fill a gap in the watch industry. Watch developer Barry Cohen, one of the company founders, saw a Swiss manufactured self-illuminating system that he immediately thought would make it easier to read time in low or no light. He was right. He invited a friend, Richard Timbo, to join him in this venture. In 1989, the Luminox brand was created. The two men combined the Latin word for light, “Lumi”, with the Latin word for night, “Nox”, to form the company name. Ever since then, the brand has been recognized for its efforts to improve visibility in all Luminox watches.


The technology behind self-lighting Luminox watches is called LLT or Luminox Light Technology. It allows you to easily view the time in even the darkest conditions. Military and law enforcement groups jumped at the chance to utilize this technology. U.S. Navy SEALs use specialized Luminox watches for nighttime dive missions. U.S. Air Force Nighthawk pilots also use them. Making these Luminox watches for Navy SEALs and Nighthawk pilots paved the way for the company to enter into another lucrative contract. The company became the sole producer of Lockheed Martin watches. Other watches require the wearer to fumble around for and push a button to illuminate the display. There was an obvious need for this kind of technology and product, and Luminox watches meet those needs.Additional interesting facts regarding this technology include:

  • In the past, this technology was only used by the military.
  • The gas light comes in the form of borosilicate glass capsules.
  • Each LLT system is handmade in Switzerland.
  • The technology employed in these watches ensures each light glow without fail for more than 25 years.
  • All Luminox watches are shock- and water-resistant.

Luminox Watches for Sale Include:

  • Original Navy SEAL 3000 Series – This is the original Luminox watch that garnered the company recognition from the military. A Navy SEAL procurement officer worked directly with Luminox to create a watch designed for Navy SEALs. Because it is strong enough to wear daily in any type of environment, this also is one of the most popular Luminox watches sold by the company.
  • Deep Dive Automatic 1500 Series –This diving watch resists water up to 1625 feet. The Deep Dive line of Luminox watches is the real deal. It’s certified for diving, has a helium release valve, and features the company’s signature LLT.
  • Atacama Chronograph 1880 Series – Named after the Atacama region of Chile, known for being one of the driest places in the world, these Luminox watches were made to reflect the region’s aesthetics. They are larger, more rugged and include leather straps.
  • F-117 Nighthawk 3400 Series – This was the company’s featured product designed for stealth jet pilots who approached Luminox for watches. It features an etching of the namesake stealth jet on the case. Another more angled Nighthawk series was designed to match the features of a stealth jet. carries an extensive line of Luminox watches in many different styles. These strong, bright, long-lasting watches carry all the best features a timepiece should have. They are durable enough to survive in the toughest climates and bright enough to be easily read in the dark. also offers testimonials and Luminox watch reviews so you can see what other customers are saying about the brand. is proud to be an Authorized Luminox Watches Dealer

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