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Mr Jones Watches

Mr Jones Watches

Mr Jones Watches. Cool watches that do more than just tell time

Mr. Jones Watches do more than simply tell time. Hailed as the new cult brand out of London, Crispin Jones (Founder), has set out to create unique story telling timepieces. These watches are akin to putting on your Fridays finest, and checking out Gallery Night at the local art/wine bar.

Mr Jones Watches - Free Shipping on Mr Jones Watches at Items 1 - 2 of 2 - Mr Jones (watches) and you can tell each other fairy tales. Buy a Mr Jones watch now from WatchCo and sport the latest in London fashion. Shop Mr Jones here. category Mr Jones Watches

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2 Item(s)

Indie Mr. Jones Watches

The watch is a “technological survivor” in a modern era of personal computers, smart phones and tablets. Everyday items we take for granted have the ability to tell time flawlessly. These nifty gadgets we have strewn about make the classic watch redundant, however it has also broken the shackles of convention. MJW designs on a higher level than most, creating indie watches with a vision of playfulness, art and grandiose stories. Watches have been a status symbol for the longest time; Crispin Jones strives to make it more about an individuals perspective: altruistic, foreboding, uplifting or possibly visionary.

So what does Indie mean in terms of design?

Pop music throughout the ages is predictable, loud and usually sterile as it progresses throughout history. If you take that idea and apply it to what a watch looks like today, it will probably look like that fifty years from now. Mr. Jones Watches represent that band with a really good beat, strange wailing lyrics, and possessing a name you just can't ever remember. That band (or in this case, watch designer) is ground breaking, unique and will be remembered for that really cool thing it did. Mr. Jones Watches is that “band”, and the designs speak for themselves. Unique. Striking. Powerful.

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