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Nava Watches

Nava Watches

Modern design watches by Nava Design Group

Anyone can wear a watch, but it takes certain type of person who can flaunt a Nava watch. Created by famed Italian designer Denis Guidone, Nava watches feature some of the most unusual and unique styling of any brand in the industry. Peculiar in design, a Nava watch is sure to be a hit at social gatherings and parties with friends.

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Learn More About Nava

If there ever was a watch brand that featured the definitive conglomerate of fashion designers, artists and creative minds throughout the world, it would have to be Nava. Producing not just timepieces, but handbags and other lifestyle accessories, Nava represents the best and the brightest in unconventional fashion that this realm has to offer. Celebrated Italian designer Denis Guidone and many other others have already lent their inspired expertise to help Nava manufacture a breath of fresh air in the wristwatch industry.

Communicating through the universal language of The Design, Nava embraces your personalized style and showcases it through your watch.

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Nava History

Borrowing influence from the top fashion designers from around the world, Nava is a company that has had dozens of unique minds creating and crafting products to fill a singular mission since 1970.

When the Nava brand was founded and developed in the early 1970s, its creators did not simply want to set out to become another solid fashion brand—they wanted to be the best. And in their estimation, the way to achieve that was to partner with the foremost authority on fashion and design. The problem? Who decides who is the best? Rather than getting bogged down in the details, Nava simply went out and recruited dozens of artists across the globe whose regional tastes were expressed through each new product.

Nava’s mission was not at its core to exude a vain, pretentious sense of style that would be looked down upon by consumers. It was in fact to blend the highest level of functionality while still maintaining a modicum of aesthetic sensibility. Communicating through a universal language it refers to as “The Design”, language was no barrier for any artist, be they Italian, French, American, Japanese or Scandinavian. Through the use of the finest materials and using innovation as a primary motivator, Nava birthed a voice that cannot be matched in the industry.

Who Would Wear a Nava Watch

A misconception about artistic masterpiece watches is that they are only worn by the most solemn of fashion and design officials. While this sometimes rings true, it could not be further from reality as Nava prides itself on the fun of exploring what conventional fashion stands for while altering expectations. Sure your local wealthy hipsters club will all sport Navas, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see well-adjusted young professionals adorning their wrists with Nava Ora or Tempo Libero watches. Put one on for a sightseeing tour of the city or a leisurely day out on the boat with friends for maximum enjoyment.

Despite its conformist fashion outlier status, Nava has become world-renowned in its near half-century of existence. You’ll find Nava creations in both museums and design foundations throughout the developed countries of the planet. Nava has also expanded its fashion reach from timepieces to handbags, stationery, and other personal accessories. With all of the choices at buyers’ disposals, you can truly redefine who you are and what you represent with your personal expression of yourself through Nava products.

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