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Seiko Desk and Table Talking Alarm Plastic Clock - Black Hands - Silver Dial - QHL054GLH main product image


    Seiko Talking Alarm Clock

    Model# QHL054GLH


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    This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

    This Seiko Desk and Table Talking Alarm QHL054GLH clock features a plastic case, black hands, and a silver dial.

    This pyramid shaped talking alarm clock is set to announce the time every 15 minutes and has alarm announcements, calendar and manual time announcements.

    One-year Seiko warranty

    Free US shipping; international shipping available is an authorized Seiko clock retailer

    Seiko Model QHL054GLH

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    Additional Information

    Model NumberQHL054GLH
    Clock TypeAlarm
    LensMineral Mineral Hardened crystal or glass that gives a protective barrier. There are multiple variations but most are scratch resistant and durable.
    Clock Case ColorGold
    Clock Dial ColorSilver
    Clock HandsBlack
    Clock MaterialPlastic

    Unbroken Tradition since 1881.

    The spirit of Seiko is a restless spirit. Since 1881, Seiko watches have explored limits, pushed back boundaries and refused to be satisfied with success. At Seiko, good is the enemy of better, because Seiko is dedicated to perfection.

    Synergy is at the heart of Seiko's dedication to perfection. 56 years after making its first mechanical wristwatch, Seiko invented the quartz watch and a new field of possibilities opened up through the synergy of traditional and electronic technologies. The Quartz era was hardly established when Seiko's engineers started to dream the next step: the Kinetic watch. 19 years later, the dream came true. Kinetic was the first watch in the world to create its own electricity, made possible by combining a motion-powered rotor with a quartz movement.

    Today, Seiko Watches still dreams of new adventures in time. The synergy of Seiko's four technologies will always be at the heart of further pioneering discoveries.