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Skagen Watches

Skagen Watches

Skagen Watches

Danish Inspired with Clean and Minimalist Design

Thin and elegant, Skagen watches are perfectly understated. Ideal for a day at the office or a night on the town, a minimalist Skagen watch shows your individual style.

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More Information on Skagen

Embracing the concept of minimalism with a purpose, Skagen watches have been the preferred watch line of choice for young artists for nearly 30 years. A glorified beer salesman and his wife had the vision to create soft and mellow timepieces that were still contemporary and modern enough for both the hip and the cool watch fans of the 21st century. Thin and stylish, meaningful and inspired, each Skagen watch is crafted with the memories of a quaint Danish fishing port that lives on throughout time.

Creating timepieces that are both functional and modern, each Skagen watch is inspired by the Danish minimalist culture and way of life.

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Skagen Origins

Forged by European immigrants Henrik and Charlotte Jorst in late-1980s New York, Skagen was actually inspired by many aspects of what it was like to grow up, formulate a sense of style and live in Denmark.

The Jorsts moves to the City That Never Sleeps back in 1986 because Henrik had taken a job managing United States sales for Carlsberg, a Danish brewery. But he and Charlotte soon decided that they wanted a revenue stream of their own and looked to the watch industry to create something just from themselves. First, they began representing Jacob Jensen watches for US clients. Jensen was a famous Danish designer, and corporate gifts and personalized timepiece purchases were arranged between he and US buyers through the Jorsts.

But the Jorsts still were not satisfied as their creative vision was constantly being modified through another artist. After showcasing a few of their self-designed pieces at a 1991 New York corporate conference, they decided to launch their own brand of timepieces called Skagen Denmark. Skagen was was a fishing village where the Skagerrak Strait and Kattegat Sea came together at the northernmost point of the country of Denmark. These two bodies of water are actually represented in the Skagen logo itself.

Where Skagen Is Today

You’ll find fans of Skagen located worldwide in about 80 countries that have fallen in love with the Danish design of style with a specific sense of functionality. The brand is built for the minimalist in all of us that truly wants his or her timepiece to be an accessory to the wardrobe and not the standout piece. Since you are your own person, you want your watch to accentuate your personal sense of style at that impromptu rooftop party you’re attending at your friend’s apartment building. You want your Slimline watch to be noticed when you’re shaking a new client’s hand over coffee so your message won’t be lost within a gaudy overture.

Despite its wanted status as a fashion brand (that is now owned by the Fossil watch empire), many movers and shakers have taken notice of Skagen and sport its products not only when they go out in public but in the broadcast and print media as well. Saturday Night Live alumna and Oscar award-winning screenplay writer Kristen Wiig loves her Skagen watch. And heartthrob silver screen star Channing Tatum of Magic Mike and 21 Jump Street fame proudly donned his Skagen timepiece on the cover of the men’s fashion magazine GQ.

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