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Tense Wood Watches

Tense Wood Watches

Tense Wood Watches

Canadian Handcrafted Wood Watches

Life is hard, and there’s no reason to be uptight about which timepiece you slide on your wrist. So clip on one of the finest wood watches available. Each watch only uses the finest materials from Africa and India, and shipped to Canada where the natural beauty of British Columbia is captured and emanated from each model.

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What We Know About Tense Wood

The industry leader in wooden watches isn’t satisfied with just developing cool, unique styles crafted out of the most exotic types of wood in the world. Accuracy and reliability are also both key, so Tense Wood watches all contain the high-quality Miyota 2035 movement that is hand built in Japan. Inspired by the greatness and undisturbed tranquility of the Canadian wilderness, the Tense Wood founders achieved their goal of bringing such an overwhelming feeling of happiness to the compact wristwatch.

Tense Wood watches are made of pure sandalwood. While each one is quite regal and one-of-a-kind, they are still composed of all authentic wood.

  • Digital - Honestly, where can you even find an all-wood watch with a digital display? Although not proven, Tense Wood may manufacture the only watches in this class in the world. If you’re looking for a conversation piece, look no further, my friend.
  • Leather Strap - Sure, the band is composed entirely of genuine leather, but the concept is not lost with the case still being made of sandalwood. If you want the more traditional feel of a conventional strap on your wrist instead of wooden links, this is the series to browse.
  • Multifunction - Featuring the day of the week, date of the month and 24 hour time of the day, these wooden multifunction watches will give you the most information at the flick of your wrist than any other fashion watch will give you. Coming in a variety of styles and colors, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

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Tense Wood History

Nearly half-a-century ago, a few fashion-conscious Canadians were so inspired by the vast and beautiful forests of British Columbia that they decided to launch a company that could help them express such joy.

Flashback to 1971, and Earth was a different place. What with the changes that the world was witnessing in Korea and Vietnam along with the future in the Middle East, so much was rapidly devolving. What remained unchanged was the striking natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, specifically the towering forests of British Columbia in their entire splendor. So when a group of individuals set out to achieve their dreams through the tangible expression of the grace of Mother Nature, we all ended up benefitting from the products that came from their minds.

By way of the fresh pine smell and amazing wonder of the outdoors, Tense Wooden watches hit the scene. Made entirely out of wood, each individual piece—even if it comes from the same series—is 100 percent unique. Tense only uses the richest, most durable wood types from around the world, especially the lumber found in India and Africa. When your raw materials come from some of those most remarkable places on earth, you can’t help but produce some of the world’s most remarkable watches. And Tense has done just that for several decades.

Who Fits into Tense Wood

For those who enjoy venturing down the road (almost never) traveled, a Tense Wood watch stands in direct opposition to what watch culture today tells you that you should be wearing. The environmentalist, the trendy fashion guru, and even the watch collector all have made room on their collective wrists for Tense watches. And while you don’t want to completely submerge these water-resistant pieces underwater, they do make a good companion for a walk in the rain or shine or even slipped underneath the cuff of a dress shirt. Perfect for the weekends or the water coolers, Tense watches make people take notice.

Exuding a casual simplicity, Tense Wood watches continue to be the top-selling wood watch brand throughout the world. Each of these timepieces is still designed and manufactured right where everything all started—in British Columbia. With new pieces coming out several times per year, wearers are spoiled by the choices. With all Tense watches now being made completely of hypoallergenic wood due to customer demand, you don’t have worry about a rash or anything else developing on your wrist. Simply put, there really isn’t a good reason to not get a tense watch today.

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