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TSOVET Watches

TSOVET Watches

Swiss-made time instruments, designed in Newport Beach, California.

"We’re obsessed by the details, so we started making watches that make a lasting impression. It is something we’ve been doing for a longtime. We are influenced by the design details of aerospace engineers of yesteryear. Their connection and contribution inspired us to explore innovative ways to engineer and develop quality watches."

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More Information On Tsovet

Built on the belief that the one, true thing that is integral in a watch is the time, Tsovet is one of the most striking visual brands that focuses on precision first. Each piece undergoes a 12-month design process before it is deemed fit for consumption, and these watches are among the most delicious available. While not military-grade watches, they borrow aspects of mechanical, nautical and aerospace engineering that its wearers have fallen—and continue to fall—in love with in each new collection.

Aerospace engineers implant their inspirations into all Tsovet watches. Each piece breathes a practical vintage feel through its creators.

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Tsovet Progression

While the brand was born in sunny southern California, these watches have a surprising stately functionality aura around them. Tsovet watches are the production of the ideas of who their creator calls “students of engineers”.

Wristwatch connoisseur and Los Angeles resident David Bonaventura spent hours each day poring over individual parts of both nautical and aerospace machines before he released the Tsovet brand in 2008. Borrowing elements of Cold War era-Russian dive watches, Tsovet is a brand that is based on performance and structure. All of its designs are not purely aesthetic; they are all crafted for a very purposeful reason. The hyper-accurate, ultra-durable gauges and instruments used in those engineering fields were also the muses for many Tsovet timepieces.

True to its mission, each Tsovet piece goes through a formulaic “inspirational” process where its color scheme, case shape and leather strap design are all decided. Each process takes about one calendar year before the final product is then manufactured. Because this collection of timepieces keeps at its core that the only thing that matters on a watch is the time, the dials are extremely clean and uncluttered. And because precision and accuracy are heightened it that scenario, you know that Tsovets will be at the pinnacle of the industry.

Where Tsovet Is Today

Bonaventura said that he hopes gentlemen with good taste would be into Tsovet watches as they continue to release fresh pieces annually that still stay within the classification of form and function that Tsovet prides itself upon. And while these are not tactical watches by trade, many former military personnel and current military members love the comfort and understated tone of Tsovet pieces. While a Navy man is on shore leave or whether a retired NASA scientist is sitting back enjoying an iced tea with his grandkids in his sprawling backyard, their chosen Tosvets can be quite versatile. Even in the workplace or out on a recreational weekend fishing trip, a Tsovet would always make a great buddy to have on your wrist.

The more “adult” brand between the two lines that Bonaventura founded (the other being the rock star-inspired Vestal), elements of measuring gauges and metal fabrication are still found in each Tsovet watch today. The fact that Tsovet is a Los Angeles brand but was actually introduced in New York give it the influence and approval of both coasts as well. As evidenced by its latest campaign, Tsovet watches are always worn by difference-makers and always sported “in the moment”.

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