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Wenger Watches

Wenger Watches

Wenger Watches

The Genuine Swiss Army Watch from WatchCo.

Wenger watches are known for precision and fine craftsmanship. An official supplier to the Swiss Army since 1908, Wenger has stood as a benchmark for quality for over 110 years. Looking for an immeasurably high quality watch? Look no further, has an expansive collection of Genuine Swiss Army Wenger Watches.

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About Wenger Watches

Wenger watches are the military cousins of the original genuine Swiss Army knife, and they are just as necessary on the battle field and in life in general. Manufactured in Biel, Switzerland, Wenger men’s watches exhibit an emphasis on being as multifunctional as possible because they may need to be utilized in a seemingly endless amount of different situations. And while the women’s Wenger watches have more of an elegant design focus, they still can be trusted as a heavy duty timepiece for even the toughest test. A Wenger watch is symbolic of style and function, and its wearer can always know that of all of the accessories and equipment they carry, their watch will never be the part that lets them down.

Wenger Nomad LED

Because Wenger watches serve the needs of the constant traveler, it has now released the perfect model for that person: The Wenger Nomad LED watch. Displaying lustrous digital displays behind clean analog clock dials, Wenger Nomad LED watches display twice the information of a normal timepiece. But that’s not the only attraction of a men’s Wenger Nomad LED watch. Further benefits of these new designs include:

  • The Wenger Nomad LED watch will never permit its user to get lost because of the digital compass function on the dial that provides both direction and bearing.
  • The digital readout on the Wenger Nomad LED watches also provide time, day of the week, date and month as well.
  • A wearer of any of the men’s Wenger Nomad watches can choose whether to keep the digital readout hidden or displayed prominently at the push of a single button.
  • With a 316L stainless steel 43 millimeter case, a Wenger Nomad watch has the perfect sixe and sturdiness to function in the office or in the field.
  • The mineral glass crystal on a men’s Wenger Nomad watch is nearly scratchproof, and the 100-meter water resistant timepiece is covered by the manufacturer’s three-year warranty as well.

Wenger Watches for Sale Include:

  • Terragraph Series – Among the cleanest of all the Wenger watches, the Wenger Terragraph watch harkens back to the original design of the brand.
  • Aerograph Cockpit Series – Inspired by the dashboard of an airplane, the Wenger Aerograph Cockpit watches are the perfect co-pilot for any flight enthusiast.
  • Swiss Commando Series – Perhaps the most popular series of Wenger, the Wenger Swiss Commando watches adapt t suits and ties as well as they adhere to heavy camouflage jackets in the field.
  • Battalion Series – The Wenger Battalion watch series is known for featuring the ideal model for any outdoor activity, be it diving, hiking or exploring. has acquired and sells one of the largest Wenger watch collections on the Internet. So if you are looking for a timepiece that can function as the mechanism that coordinates your counterattack on the paintball field as well as earn a nod of approval from your boss at the workplace, we’ll have the perfect style for you here with all of the Wenger watches we carry. Women’s Wenger watches can be the perfect gift for the special lady in your life, and a men’s Wenger watch has never let a gentleman or a soldier down either. Be it a chronograph, dive computer, automatic, analog or digital, has the Wenger watch you’re looking for. Search no further because your next Swiss watch masterpiece is less than a few clicks away from your wrist right now.

More About Wenger Watches

Made in Switzerland, Wenger watches portray the Swiss virtues of close attention to detail and devotion to perfection. Wenger and its sister-company, Victorinox, are known for manufacturing Swiss Army Knives for over 100 years. Both the Wegner watch and Victorinox watch are held to only the highest standards in precision, quality and craftsmanship.

The Watch Co. is Proud to be an AUTHORIZED DEALER of Wenger Watches

Ready to shop for Wenger watches? Simply click through the products above to find the perfect Wenger watch for you, and receive FREE SHIPPING within the United States. If you have any questions or would like more information about a particular product, feel free to visit our FAQs or contact us at 1-800-584-1618.