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Citizen Signature Series

Legendary Watches That Transcend Time

What will you leave behind? That's the question that the Citizen Signature series answers. Scouring the world for the most talent horologists to build these landmark timepieces, Citizen has truly achieved a lifetime accomplishment in less than a decade.

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What We Know about Citizen Signature

While the Citizen Eco-Drive was revolutionary in its own right, running on light sources instead of just sunlight or a battery, the Citizen Signature watches take the technology a step forward right into the lap of luxury. Constructed by the world’s top watchmakers and designed by the most creative fashion minds, these watches have joined the elite luxury timepieces that so many collectors pine for. After a few years of tweaking to get the line just right, Citizen once again has a group of wristwatches that sit atop the industry for their aesthetic and technological achievements.

With movements designed only by the world's best horologists, Citizen Signature watches are truly the alpha collection of the entire brand.

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Citizen Signature Progression

With the re-release of the Citizen Signature series in 2014, each watch in this line now features only the finest automatic movements of the most exquisite complication. These timepieces are a step above the standard Citizen watches.

For nearly a century, Citizen has been making some of the finest watches available to consumers, and it remains as one of the most recognizable watch brands today. But with the advent of so many luxury brands invading the industry, the space became crowded. Citizen decided that it would feature one standout series in the mid-1990s, and that would be its Eco-Drive collection. The watches within this assortment would never need a battery; rather they would be powered by light.

Yet with the release of so many imitators as well as automatic movement watches from competitors, this advancement was not enough to be unique. So Citizen introduced its “Signature” collection in 2011. But these upgraded quartz movements that used high-quality raw materials only seemed to catch the eyes of the most serious collectors. The series was made over and re-launched in 2014 with some of the world’s most talented watchmakers overseeing the construction and design of these mechanical-only movements for the new Signature wristwatches.

Who Fits into Citizen Signature

Most watch fans that are familiar with Citizen respect it as a brand that they wouldn’t blink at exchanging a few hundred dollars for, since they are getting a first-class Japanese movement. But the Citizen Signature collection is reserved for those interested solely in luxury watches. When you show up to your business dinner wearing your Signature chronograph, you’ll fit right in with the bigwigs wearing their Rolexes and Omegas. You can also be the woman in the board room showing your unique sense of style by sporting one of the diamond Signatures, too.

The newest editions of the Citizen Signature collection have been a massive hit with critics and the general public alike. Celebrities like Grammy award-winner Kelly Clarkson and Super Bowl MVP quarterback Eli Manning proudly wear their Citizen watches daily. The attention to detail is quite recognizable in each piece, and the company has also welcomed many new sporty models to the assemblage as well, joining the more familiar luxury pieces. So when you need something more than just a dress watch, step up and make a Citizen Signature watch part of your accessory choices.

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