Womens Black Frame Brown Lens Wrap Sunglasses - J4015014US

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Julbo Womens Black Frame Brown Lens Wrap Sunglasses - J4015014US. Have a look at Julbo Monterrey Sunglasses. Cool useful and stylish Julbo Monterrey Sunglasses is highly viewed by the world of fashion. We attempt to provide the perfect price for your eye-wear desires and it is no different with Julbo Monterrey Sunglasses. Whether you are attempting to set a unique trend or maybe just add to your everyday look Julbo Monterrey Sunglasses is exactly what you're looking for. Along with Julbo Monterrey Sunglasses you will find a big range of sunglasses eyeglasses and other eye-wear . If you've got any questions about Julbo Monterrey Sunglasses or another product on our site we have a team of dedicated customer service agents standing by.

  • Anti-reflective coating: improves visual comfort by eliminating stray reflections
  • 3D fit nose provides versatile fit
  • Comfortable enough for long term wear
  • Better mountain vision
  • Item Shape: Wrap
  • Microfiber pouch included
  • Complete full-spectrum UV protection


  • Product Type: Sunglasses

  • SKU: J4015014US

  • Manufacturer: Julbo

  • Color: Black

  • Color: Black/Brown

  • Mfg name: Julbo