Seiko Dawson Musical Analog Quartz Wooden Case White Dial Brown Wall Clock - QXM343BLH

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23.25H x 7.75W x 3D in.Brown alder wood MDF and maple veneer case with glass coverPlays 6 classic melodies 6 Christmas melodiesWestminster hourly chimePendulum volume control light sensor demonstration buttonRequires 3 AA batteries (not included). The Seiko 23 in. Pendulum Chiming Wall Clock is a classic design featuring a brown alder wood and maple veneer case that flaunts an ornate overlay on its clear glass cover. The clock face itself is stark white with bold black numerals and traditionally styled minute and hour hands. A golden pendulum swings rhythmically behind the glass window to keep time and on the hour every hour this clock will play one of 12 selectable Hi-Fi melodies or chimes. Song choices include a half-dozen Christmas tunes the Westminster hourly chime and a classics selection featuring the works of Vivaldi Mozart Beethoven and others.About SeikoOver its 120-year history as a maker of fine timepieces the Seiko name has become synonymous with cutting-edge technology ultra-precision constant innovation and refinement. Millions worldwide rely on Seiko wristwatches to keep them on schedule. Two generations have grown up thrilling to Olympic and World Cup competitions where victory or defeat is defined within a fraction of a second all overseen by Seiko timekeepers.Seiko's far-reaching modern empire has its roots in a humble Tokyo clock repair shop opened by Kintaro Hattori in 1881 nearly a century before the introduction of its first landmark wristwatch. Today Seiko continues to offer a wide array of clocks and movements for any home including wall alarm desk mantel musical and heirloom quality decorative pieces. Beautiful on the outside quality components on the inside Seiko products will serve you for years to come.


  • Product Type: Clocks

  • SKU: QXM343BLH

  • Manufacturer: Seiko

  • Color: Wood

  • Warranty: One-year

  • Alarm: 0

  • Chime: 0

  • Hands: Black

  • Material: Wood

  • Type: Wall