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WeWOOD Watches

WeWOOD Watches

WeWOOD Watches

High Quality Wood Watches from

WeWOOD watches uses 100% natural and toxic-free wood and materials to create an Eco-friendly wood watch with a fashion forward, free thinking design. Born in Florence, the city of art, beauty and creativity, WeWOOD watches consolidate the Italian abilities to architect unique items and the necessity to care for our environment. WeWOOD is so committed to their Eco-friendly mission statement that they plant a tree for every watch purchased!

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Learn More About WeWOOD

You buy a watch, they plant a tree—it’s that simple. For every one of these wood watches that WeWOOD ships out of its doors, WeWOOD plants a tree somewhere on planet Earth. What other brand offers you that? Add in the fact that WeWOOD watches are built with scrap wood and/or recycled wood, and the brand is truly saving the planet and improving our livable ecosphere. Approaching 300,000 planted trees now, this Italian-designed watch features numerous styles that are as fashionable as they are exceptional.

As a symbol of both conservation and decadence, WeWOOD not only makes its wearers look stylish, but also plants a tree for each watch sold.

  • Jupiter - The only WeWOOD series to feature two dials on its face, the Jupiters have two separate analog clock faces for dual time capability. So even when you’re traveling, your WeWOOD watch will keep you in style no matter the time zone, no matter the country, no matter the continent.
  • Kappa - An early 2014 addition to the WeWOOD collection, the Kappa series has four dials on it. While the largest one of these is for the time, the smaller “sub-dials” also feature a 24-hour clock, a date wheel and a marker to keep track of the day of the week.
  • Belle - Going all out to make sure the WeWOOD for women series is all it can be, these watches come with custom fabric straps that wrap around the wearers wrist several times. These are both quite fashionable and extremely versatile, whatever the occasion happens to be.

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WeWOOD Progression

Crafted and launched as an Italian designer brand in Italy in 2009, WeWOOD watches has expanded across the globe, and its North American headquarters is now located in Los Angeles.

A small village in the beautiful Tuscany region of Italy named Lamporecchio is where the WeWOOD brand was founded in 2009 with creators Emma Bogren, Daniele Guidi and Alessandro Rosano trademarking the company under the name “Fratelli Diversi”. While none of the three had a horological background, they were actually all well-versed in the fashion industry itself. Rosano designed footwear and Guidi was very experienced in the accessories distribution business. And through the company’s success, it expanded in 2011 to the current Los Angeles location as its North American headquarters.

Each watch has a specific Italian artistry to it, but all of their movements are manufactured in either Indonesia or China (an industry standard). Excluding the crystal, movement, button cell, all bracelet pins, and in some cases the buckle, each timepiece is comprised of 100 percent wood. No dyes or chemicals are used to treat the wood, so the colors you see on the models are all natural. All WeWOOD watches are hypoallergenic, and some of them even contain several different types of wood as well.

Who Would Wear a WeWOOD Watch

Environmentalists get another reason for sporting a WeWOOD in their day-to-day lifestyles, too. WeWOOD plants a tree right into the ground for every single watch that they manufacture and sell. So if you’re headed over to Bob from Accounting’s backyard barbecue and want to look your most casual, or you’re trying to impress that new clerk at your local head shop, a WeWOOD might be the right way to go. While not being the most formal watch in the world, they make great accessories for outdoor summer weddings as well.

Nearly four years after its launch, WeWOOD has already planted more than 250,000 trees worldwide. Almost 13,000 of those are still growing in the United States, and there are more than 50,000 in the African nation of Ghana. American Forests and Trees For the Future have also partnered with WeWOOD to make sure that they don’t fall behind in its promise to their consumers. Those consumers include the Grammy award-winning hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas and Emmy award-winning actor Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family fame.

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