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Ice-Watch Watches

Ice-Watch Watches


Playful, Colorful and Sassy

Throw on an Ice-Watch and have some fun. The loud and proud Ice-Watch makes a statement. While other watches are the epitome of boring, an Ice-Watch means you aren't afraid be seen. Ice-Watch watches are affordable watches with bold and colorful styling. All the way from Belgium, the Ice-Watch watches from The Watch Co. go with any outfit or personality. The Ice-Watch is an international, intercultural, intellectual watch with many color and style choices to choose from.

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Learn More About Ice-Watch

Just south of the Scandinavian minimalist design trend, one can discover the joys of the always noticeable, always changing, always fun Belgian watch brand Ice-Watch. It features bright, sunny colored cases and straps with flexible, soft silicone straps. With themes of love, carefree lifestyles and unique enterprise, Ice-Watch has been a hit with watch fans, collectors and celebrities alike. If you’re someone who enjoys a lot of fun mixed with a little mischief, then the right Ice-Watch is waiting here for you without a doubt.

Daring to be different, the Ice-Watch line features cheerful silicon bands paired with distinctive cases. As its saying goes, "CHANGE. YOU CAN."

  • Classic - The original Ice-Watch design contains hardened plastic cases and polished link bracelet straps. This series has more colors available than even the most intricate rainbow. And you’ll even see some models with some icy crystals on the dial as well.
  • Sili - While this line features nearly 100 percent silicon straps, there are traces of polyurethane and plastic elements for added durability and comfort when they are on the wrist. Each Sili watch comes in the same colors that its Classic counterpart does.
  • Ice-Love - Sometimes it’s all you need, right? The Ice-Love collection is tailor-made for gift giving as hearts are featured all over the straps and dials, and in some instances the actual case of the watch is heart-shaped. There’s no better way to express your love on a special day than to gift one of these from the bottom of your heart.

As with every brand we carry, is an Authorized Dealer of Ice-Watch Watches.

Ice-Watch Origins

Founded by the brother of a famous Belgian politician back in 2006, Ice-Watch has taken the industry by storm through its famous packaging, unique design and celebrity endorsements.

Jean Pierre Lutgen, the brother of Belgian politician Benoit Lutgen, designed the first series of Ice-Watch timepieces in 2006, although they were not released to the public until the following year. However upon their launch, they were embraced by consumers. In just three years, Ice-Watch was selling more than 200,000 models every single month. Much of the success was due to its marketing towards a younger audience who desired to be different and embraced the Ice-Watch motto of “Change. You can.”

What makes the Ice-Watch models unique is not just the lustrous greens, reds, blues, yellows, oranges, purples, teals and pinks each comes in. The straps are quite pleasing to the eye and to the touch, coming in plastic, polyurethane and silicon styles of both transparent and fluorescent design. And each watch is packaged in a building block-type clear plastic box, which encourages collecting more Ice-Watch models given their easily stackable capabilities. For Western European consumers, this other watch option that was given as an alternative to luxury Swiss pieces was a massive hit.

Who Would Wear an Ice-Watch Watch

Ice-Watch encourages people of the world that they can change if they want, and a vivid, striking timepiece on his or her wrist makes a good start. Anyone who is trying to define themselves to the world (or maybe to themselves) can find the path to individuality with so many specific watches to choose from. These models are perfect for the beach, a Saturday afternoon shopping trip, block parties or just relaxing with drinks outside with friends. And with Citizen Miyota movements inside each watch, you’ll always know that an Ice-Watch will remain accurate, too.

Celebrities are no strangers to Ice-Watch watches either. World-famous DJ David Guetta along with his wife Cathy have been featured in the “F*** Me, I’m Famous” Ice-Watch ad series. And fellow Grammy Award winner Katy Perry wore an Ice-Watch in her “Part of Me’ music video. Continuing the Top-40 chart-topping theme, the Black Eyed Peas—no strangers to the watch space as many of their members are fans of timepieces—have also sported Ice-Watch watches in a few of their music videos as well.

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