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Traser H3 Watches

Traser H3 Watches

Traser H3 Watches

Military spec watches with Tritium illumination

Traser with MB-Microtec pioneered H3 illumination technology and was the first company to use it in a wristwatch. Traser H3 makes the actual tritium tubes every other tactical brand uses. Go with the true original tactical watch, a Traser H3

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What We Know About Traser

When two chemists took off with a small company in the early 1900s that featured a specialized luminous gas, they certainly had no idea that they were actually laying the foundation for the brand of one of the industry-leading tactical watch companies. Traser watches—the mb-microtec ag brand of military timepieces—features an unprecedented GTLS luminescence that is ever-present on the dials of each watch it produces. Trasers are extremely popular with marines, soldiers and anyone who needs that extra brightness in his or her life.

Traser watches are known for both their exquisite Swiss movements and their groundbreaking tritium luminescence for maximum visibility.

As with every brand we carry, is an Authorized Retailer of Traser Watches.

Traser Back Story

Known as mb-microtec ag in industry circles, Traser is actually the company’s official brand. The original corporation was founded by two chemists, but the partnership split in 1968. That was when the Traser watch was born.

In 1918, Swiss chemists Walter Merz and Albert Bentelli developed the brand that would one day launch Traser by launching the parent company mb-microtec ag. Each watch uses actual tritium for a premium visual experience. This gaseous tritium light source (GTLS) is more than 100 times brighter than any other luminescent method used in watchmaking, making it by far and away the most functional substance for a tactical watch. When mb-microtec ag added the fine Swiss movement to the equation, Traser became a major player in the military watch industry.

Also known as “trigalight”, this GTLS does not require a battery or any other power or light source for charging or recharging. Furthermore, the substance does not need to be activated at the touch of a switch or button, either. It is always glowing, although it is obviously much more noticeable in the dark and at night time hours than during the middle of the day. The tritium watches were put in the Traser category when the company split and are military-approved for many of those organizations around the globe.

Who Fits into Traser

For the former and current frogmen and marines as well as soldiers from nations across planet Earth, it’s impossible to get a watch with the Swiss accuracy paired with the ultra-brightness of the tritium-covered numerals, markers and hands like you get with each Traser watch. And even the person that desires the mega-luminescence of these models be it for necessity or just plain old want, the Traser watch is certainly the Cadillac of tactical watches. Perhaps it’s an early morning turkey hunt or a late night covert op. Or maybe you’re hiding in wait for your daughter’s surprise birthday party or just call night-hiking a hobby of yours. Bring Traser with you.

The mb-microtec ag company continues to flourish today with the residual success of Traser watches. They have become a staple within the military, covert ops divisions, the science field and the airline industry. Each Traser h3 watch has an expected 10-year life on the tritium gas before it needs any service or needs to be replaced ore replenished. Traser has been a mandatory presence at several English Premier League soccer matches, and the energy drink Red Bull has also partnered with Traser as well. These watches won’t give you wings, but they’ll sure give you superhero-like sight.

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