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3 Reasons Why Watches Are More Tempting Than a Cinnabon -

3 Reasons Why Watches Are More Tempting Than a Cinnabon

6a00e54f10a0988834019afffc1529970cOh, yeah! We all pretend to hate them, but when we walk by Cinnabon in the mall, we always make an excuse to break away from our friends to steal a taste or at least a sinful whiff. Cinnabon cinnamon rolls are one of the rare foods on earth that magically go from devilishly delicious to dreadfully disgusting in the span of a few bites.So with a dessert this addicting, how could watches actually be more tempting than the sweet, sticky Cinnabon? Well, in most respects, watches are not more tempting.  But there are three distinct reasons that make Cinnabons much easier to resist than a tasty new timepiece:1.  You know you'll look a lot sexier with a watch draped on your wrist than a cinnamon roll smashed all over your face.We all want to look good. And if you're looking for a ladies watch on our site, clearly you want to look your best. So you be the judge--which would you rather be?

The girl with the crazy Makara look in her eye:


Or LPGA golfer Paula Creamer wearing her Citizen Eco-Drive Riva:


Yeah, I know--tough choice, ladies. Clearly you want to look your best and not wear your last meal all over your face.

2. Watches will make you feel better and make your clothes fit properly.

Again, this one seems obvious. But then you think about that sugar doing a sultry tango with your tongue, and you need some reassurance that giving into your watch temptation is the correct call. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'm just going to show you what happened to one guy after chowing down an entire roll with extra icing:


Nasty, isn't it? If you look close, you can actually see the individual roll textures on his belly. So instead of taking the next step toward type-2 diabetes, take the next step towards high fashion with this MTM Special Ops Black Warrior:


 It's got a sapphire crystal. It's black. It's sexy. And it's one of the best watches we carry for less than $800. And while a Cinnabon is going to drastically cut down your survival time when you're out exploring the world, the MTM Warrior will help extend your life in the same situation. So what's more tempting to you--continuing to live? Or dying of an overdose of sugary dough?

3. Swiss watches won't give you a false sense of self-awareness.

I think you look good. You think you look good. Everyone thinks you look good. Why? Because you're probably already wearing one of the awesome pure white watches from like the Mondaine Evo Bold:


Watches like that give you the confidence to flirt, ask for a promotion or do both at the same time. I mean, has anyone ever really been confident stuffing their face with a 3,500-calorie behemoth? (Well, maybe one guy...)

52b57764d46b6404a7b38fed82d8ce580a4ccbdad86e144f1f560830b612ccfdBut if you're not a one-ton baby-eating Scotsman that hates British secret agents, perhaps you'd be more tempted to don one of the most stylish women's watches we carry: The Projects Ana Richard Meier Limited Edition:

6020LTDThis thing is sweetly unique. It has a new slate gray-colored dial from Projects and also features a braided steel bezel. Ladies, you'll definitely be more tempted to show off this timeless gem for at least a decade at a minimum than to dread all of the treadmill time you're going to have to put in to work off that early-death-in-a-box.

Remember, a moment on the lips, forever on the hips!

But a moment on the wrist, and you'll feel cool.

(I'm a blogger, not a poet.)

Thanks for reading!

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