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4 Valentines Day Watches For Him -

4 Valentines Day Watches For Him

38318032Okay, so maybe you're aren't as bad of a gift-giver as Frannie Freakshow above, but you can probably stand to improve on your Valentine's gift to your boyfriend/husband (or both) this year. Stay away from cologne, sensible slacks, and back waxes--those are all things that you selfishly want. And he doesn't need the latest Sons of Anarchy DVDs (ever hear of Netflix?), baseball tickets or a night out with his boys at BW3s. After all, that stuff just takes away time from you and him together!So this year, get him a watch that he will love strapping on. Get him a watch that will make him look like the stand-up guy you want him to be. Get him a watch that makes you smile with pride every time you look at his wrist for the time during the new Kevin Costner movie he dragged you to.And fear not, ladies--I have four watches below that are perfect for him no matter what type of a guy he is. Take for instance the big, burly man. Is your man tall, dark and handsome? Not afraid to mix it up like the guy below?Best-of-the-Overly-Manly-Man-Meme-2 Then look no further, girl. This ArmourLite Caliber will toughen up even the strongest, thickest wrist:AL603 This monstrosity has it all. A Swiss movement. An ultra-durable nylon strap. A sapphire crystal. And a two-year warranty to boot. So even if your guy likes getting in scrapes with his buddies after buckets of beer, works extremely back-breaking construction. Or does anything else our Director of Vibe here can only dream of doing, this watch won't break. it doesn't know how to.But not all ladies like their men like they like their pro wrestlers. Is your guy a dreamboat who you thank your lucky stars to be with every day. Do other women stop and stare loving him and hating you? If your special Valentine is like these heartthrobs, perhaps something a little bit ahead of the trends would be better:george-clooney-and-brad-pitt-combo Look, I'm not saying that my boys George and Brad rock Citizen Eco-Drive chronographs. But if they had a fantastic lady like you in their lives, they would be sporting something like this:AT2217-01H_1 You don't often see a chronograph with only two subdials. Especially one with a pumpkin strap. Or one that is a black square. And you never see one that doesn't need a battery. Ever. This trend won't hit the coasts until this fall. Which means everyone in the country can stay ahead of it. We've only got three left, so strike while the iron is hot!Speaking of about this hunk of boyfriend material:0-nerd_protector_white_man I guess ever since Jim Parsons busted out his first BAZINGA, ladies go crazy for these guys. And far be it from me to judge. I'm sure if my wife was asked to match up the guy on this post that best represents me, it would be Donnie Dorko here. But geeks need to know the time, too. And they prefer something like this:CN110111-40 This Tsovet analog lacks in creativity. But it makes up for it in minimalism. Let's face it: if your boy is a geek, this could be the one thing that keeps him this side of splitting the atom and willing to watch Nashville and Scandal with you. It's clean. It's sharp. It tells time. (And it's something you could easily rock for a day at work, too.) He won't mind. Unless he's one of those super, a-little-too-into himself...metro_2 ...metrosexuals. Nothing wrong with a guy like this, ladies. He takes good care of himself and loves being seen--with or without you. You will always be the hot couple no matter what party you show up to. So what do you get the guy that has everything? This:prs109 You could make Jay-Z happy and blow five figures on a Hublot. Or you could get the uber-trendy Meister Prodigy to wrap around your man's wrist. These metros love the gold on white look, and this model is sporty enough to wear with any of the 800 outfits he has in any of his seven walk-in closets. Trust me--this would be the home run of watch gifts here.Chances are your man falls into one of the above categories. If he doesn't, make an exception. Or check out any of the other thousands of watches we have at WatchCo. With any luck, you'll be getting this gift for Valentine's Day 2015:world-s-most-awesome-girlfriend.american-apparel-unisex-fitted-tee.white.w760h760
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