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Tips for Choosing the Correct Watch Strap Size

Choosing The Correct Watch Strap Size |

Watch collectors are well aware that changing the strap of a bear grylls watch may give it new life and change it into an accessory that can be worn with a range of outfits. Changing the straps on your bag is a fashionable gesture that expresses your sense of style. However, before you can enjoy the thrill of discovering Luminox nato strap, you must first decide on the size of your watch strap. Our suggestions may be of help.

You may be wondering why selecting the proper length for your watch strap is so important.

Priority number one is getting along. There is no one technique to combine straps with timepieces that are universally right. If you possess a large sports automatic watch rather than an antique clock with a much smaller case, you'll need new rubber watch straps that fit a variety of specifications.

  1. Fit. A watch should fit such that it does not slip off your wrist by more than an inch while being comfortable enough to wear all day without leaving a mark.
  1. Style. Even while personal choice is the most important component in choosing a strap, there are a few basic and constant principles to consider. Straps should be picked with the wearer's size in mind; a big strap would suit a larger wrist.

It is important to consider both the width and length of a military watch strap when purchasing one. Keep an eye out for tapering, which happens when a strap progressively shrinks as it approaches its ends.

Let's get started with the following:

Watch strap width

Choosing The Correct Watch Strap Size |

Every watch has lugs, which look like pincers and are used to connect the navy cross-watch strap to the watch case. Each watch includes two lug sets. They are essential components of any watch's ergonomic design, assuring the wearer's comfort and safety as well as the watch's longevity.

The "strap width" is the straight distance between the two lugs and is measured in millimeters. This space is known as the "lug width" (mm). Although the width of the lugs varies from watch to watch, it usually falls between 18 and 26 millimeters, with 20 millimeters being the most typical dimension for men's watches.

Before purchasing a new garmin watch strap, it is critical to determine the lug width of your watch. It specifies the width of the replacement strap that must be used in order for it to be an ideal fit for your mechanical watch.

How do I calculate the correct strap width for my watch?

Choosing The Correct Watch Strap Size |

Customers who purchase leather watch straps from the watchco watch shop have three lug width options: 18 millimeters, 20 millimeters, and 24 millimeters.

With a leather strap, you might be lucky because some have a number embossed on the reverse side lining that indicates the lug width. This is present in some of them. For example, a stamp with the number "22" on it indicates that the lug's width is 22 millimeters.

Other types of straps, such as those made of titanium, nylon, or stainless steel, may not have size-specific markings. But don't worry because determining the lug width is simple.

A tool with a spring bar is required to remove the bands from your navy seal watch. This gadget works with both leather and contemporary straps. When you press the forked end of the tool against the shoulder of the spring bar, the strap should come off without any further effort.

The watch case should be the only component at this point. To get an even more precise reading, use a ruler or a digital caliper to measure the internal distance between the two watch lugs. Remember to measure everything in millimeters.

Watch strap length

If a gorgeous watch doesn't suit the wrist of its owner, it loses much of its appeal. Improperly sized or fitted timepieces are out of style, as are those that constrict blood flow to the skin.

A selection of strap lengths is provided since everyone has different-sized wrists. As a result, before purchasing a new men's watch automatic strap, it is essential to determine the ideal length for your wrist.

Straps are often measured in millimeters and given a length in the format X/Ymm (such as 125/75mm) (mm). The first number (X) denotes the length of the buckle side strap, which is always less than the length of the tail side strap (Y).

Choosing The Correct Watch Strap Size |

How do I calculate my survival watch strap length?

  1. Make sure the length of your strap is appropriate.

If the strap you are now using feels secure when wrapped around your wrist, you have already determined an appropriate length. Keeping the buckle out of the equation, you may use a ruler to measure the buckle side straps and the tail side straps in isolation. The two dimensions will help bring attention to the optimal length. Locate a replacement strap that has the same length as the old one, or if that is not feasible, locate one with an equivalent length.

  1. Measure the circumference of the wrist.

Taking the circumference of your wrist into account is yet another approach to determining the ideal length of your strap.

To get started, wrap a flexible tape measure around your wrist at the location where you want the army watch case to sit.

(i) Using a pen or pencil, mark the area where the two pieces of tape overlap with their respective markings. Place the tape on its side and make a mental note of the circumference of your wrist.

(ii) Decide on the unit of measurement to use: millimeters or inches.


The standard width difference between the lugs and the ends of a tapered strap is 2 to 4 millimeters. One common combination is 22mm wide lugs with 20mm wide buckles and tail ends, as in a 22mm wide by 20mm wide strap. Its taper is 2 millimeters. In contrast, the width of a straight strap is always the same.

Proponents of tapering argue that it provides a more refined appearance. Tapered straps are thinner on the bottom, which may improve their wearability.

The decision between a straight and tapered strap depends on the size of the case and the wearer's preferences. The case of smaller watches is frequently subtly tapered to draw attention to the timepiece itself. When it comes to larger leather back turtle watches, however, straight straps are a preferred choice due to their ability to balance out the more significant case better.

A strap that gets narrower at the top is a stylish addition to any dress, but it looks perfect on a formal gown.

Choosing The Correct Watch Strap Size |


Compatibility with your existing automatic movement watch, comfort on your wrist, and personal style choice are the three requirements for a new watch strap.

We hope that by helping you in the first two areas of concern, we have given you the freedom to focus entirely on the third.

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