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East Meets...uhh...Further East--with Hygge! -

East Meets...uhh...Further East--with Hygge!

Japanese Viking Alright, be honest, people--you lay awake at night wishing--nay pining--for a Scandanavian-designed watch with the intricacy and accuracy of a Japanese movement, right?OK--maybe not. But seriously, this new Hygge brand we just got in is the cat's pajamas (as the kids say).  Hygge subscribes to the new minimalism movement in timepieces, and they performed a world-wide headhunter search to bring in the right artisans to create these looks.  I've got to tell you, speaking as the director of vibe here at WatchCo, this line is pretty unique.Hygee 3012Take the 3012 Analog Series for instance. These watches are simple, but quite eye-catching. I posted the "Halloween" model of the 3012s above. (Tis' the season!) The inner bezel is notched for the hour and minute (orange is minute, black is hour), so while it seems confusing to read at first, it really isn't. Unless your this guy, that is.The Hygge watch collection also includes some pretty cool chronographs as well. Again, taking that minimalist approach, these chronos are clean, easy-to-read and bring a significant amount of style to the top of your wrist. My early personal favorite is this 2204 Series here. The black case and strap really make the white dial pop to everyone who notices it. The green, red, blue and yellow sub-dial hands are quite the modern touch, too.But here's the cream of the crop in this series:Hygge 2089 This 2089 Series model is as chill as it gets. It has a real Euro, artsy feel to it. If I was clacking my heels against some marble floors in a posh Paris art gallery, I'd expect to see something like this hanging on the wall. But Hygge lets you wear it on your wrist.Check out those subtle colors for the hands. And the sexy shine of the black strap. Not to mention that platinum sheen that the contrast between the dial and the case create. I'm not trying to gush all over this watch here, but the fact that we have it priced at a modest $126.50 makes me not want all of you to have a chance at buying it.I am not trying to come off like a used-car salesman (or Chris Bosh), but these watches are really good buys. And I know a lot of you are going to take advantage. (I'm one of you.)In Danish culture, "hygge" is a word used to describe a culture in which a positive, happy, fuzzy lifestyle is held in high regard. The guys at WatchCo and I definitely think of this new brand in the same way.
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