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NEW For 2016: Christian Paul Brand -

NEW For 2016: Christian Paul Brand

Each Christian Paul watch is inspired by the sights of Australia, so own a slice of Sydney now.

We're always trying to bring you the latest and greatest from the fashion watch industry at WatchCo, and we're happy to be able to offer you the Christian Paul brand today. It's the emerging brand for both men and women in the country, and they are aggressively priced so you can own more than just one!

Stylish enough for that cocktail party this weekend, yet formal enough for the office, Christian Paul watches are among the most versatile brands we sell. And these clean-looking dials with regal straps are accessible to everyone given how we are able to price them.

While you're picking out your newest piece of Aussie fashion, don't forget about all the other watch brands we sell, either. And we're please to offer you a huge selection of shades, wallets, bags and luggage and many other personal accessories, too. Welcome aboard, Christian Paul, from all of us at WatchCo!


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