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Not Your Grandfather's Pocket Watch -

Not Your Grandfather's Pocket Watch

z0009pwbk Remember back in the days when your grandparents would come visit you from out of town? They'd bring you gifts, money--basically whatever you wanted, they'd give it to you. But even though you loved them for that (and because they're family), there were always a few weird things about them.You and your siblings would quietly poke fun at Grandma's blue hair, eyeglass chain, and crazy huge broach. And you'd secretly laugh at Grandpa's loud plaid pants, too-tight collared button-down and his pocket watch swinging from a chain:[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="245"]my-grandpa-said-it-today_c_1207063 "Our wrists were too muscular to fit watches on them!"[/caption]We've all seen pocket watches. Some of us may even own one or two. My grandfather actually willed his Waltham pocket watch to me when he passed about a decade ago. And there's a certain expectation and image we all have in our minds when we hear the words "pocket watch". Most of us--if not all--usually have our minds drift to something like this:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Simple. Ordinary. Traditional. Nothing all that crazy or exciting. The old pocket watches did their job without a lot of flair. And our grandfathers didn't need a lot of flair. They needed to know what time they needed to be at work, what time church started and what time the early bird steak dinner started. But we need more. We have flash mobs to attend. We have parties to be fashionably late to. We need something more than just your average pocket watch. So check out these new Titan pocket watches from Ziiiro: Colors2These flashy new pieces feature the same time-telling dials as the standard Ziiiro wrist watches: The outer dial will give you the minute reading while the inner dial states the hour. It's a little tricky to understand (for like five minutes), and then they become natural to read. These beauts also all have super-light aluminum cases around the 48-millimeter dials. So they're not Flava Flav-esque, but they are definitely noticeable on the wearer.[caption id="attachment_701" align="aligncenter" width="207"]469ede8a124b85b5e51510dd81670b5b4af073b073af0b9c9c00fb476e4c1559 "I can no longer afford the neck surgery my body requires."[/caption]Ziiiro actually includes a chain (pictured below) with each watch, so if you wanted to old school it and attach it to a belt loop and tuck it in your pocket , feel free. But some people (guys or girls) may want to bring out their inner hipster Public Enemy and sport it around their necks as a pendant. Either way is good, so these pocket watches will fit any individual style.The Titan comes in five colors. Whether it's the colorful azure, purple or or cherry styles that trip your trigger, or the more regal black or chrome, the Titan has the right color for you. And when you get yours from WatchCo, you'll get Ziiiro's one-year manufacturer's warranty on it as well.It's time to be bold. I write about all different watches to cover your wrists on this blog, and pocket watches are always getting short shrift. So when you're getting ready to go out, head into work, enjoy a dinner out with friends or whatever, think about working a Ziiiro Titan into your watch rotation. They make a great change of pace, are more-than-affordable and go with just about any ensemble. We just got our shipment of them in, so pick your color and get yours now.   Unbenannt-1
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