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Telling time, Heisenberg style -

Telling time, Heisenberg style

Sometimes my love for watches gets in the way of my appreciation of art.Case in point: I had a little soiree at my pad on Sunday for the Breaking Bad finale. We had it all—taco dip, Bloody Maries, blue meth cupcakes—if there was a hors d'oeuvre that was Heisenberg-themed, my wife and I served it or someone brought it.I’ll list the spoiler alert right now for those of you who have not watched the series finale yet (by the way, email me at with what you deemed so much more important than firing up AMC at 9 ET). If you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading and check out this watch. No particular reason other than I just bought it, and I love it. And Bob Marley was a close, personal friend of mine. (Ed. Note: Our fact-checkers could not verify this claim from Eric.)Anyway, there is a scene where Walt makes a phone call pretending to be someone he’s not (something he had become very good at throughout the series), unstraps his gorgeous Tag Heuer Monaco Chronograph, leaves it on top of the public phone and walks away!bb2Yeah, I get that it was a gift from his former partner Jesse—a man that wanted Walt dead and whom Walt had tried to kill already. And I know he probably felt like he was done with that part of his life, but—dude! It’s a Tag!Let’s face it—it’s not like Heisenberg was rolling in cash. He lost $70 million to Jack Welker and his Nazis. He gave $9.5 million to Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz for Flynn’s college fund (don’t laugh—by the time Junior gets to college next year, that may only cover a few semesters at Albuquerque Culinary Arts Institute). And the rest he spent buying a 180-pound machine gun and bribing Badger and Skinny Pete (those two are set for at least a weekend of meth, pot, pizza and Funyuns).But just dumping a $6,000 watch? Give it to someone. Anyone. Can you imagine the type of person who will be the next guy to use that pay phone? I didn’t know pay phones still existed! And that guy is going to stumble upon a dusty Tag Monaco. Unreal. It was all I could think about for the rest of the show. (Until Walt’s trunk flew up, that is.)I was messing around on the our site while watching Talking Bad, and I got to thinking—do we have any Walter White lookalike watches for sale? And we do! I thought I’d link a couple of them for you Baddies out there who don’t exactly have seven barrels of cash lying around for a Monaco.bb3 This ESQ Spring Chronograph  just got put on our closeout list. It was $600, but now you can slap it on your wrist for $299.50. Check out the springs that connect the pushers to the case. And the numbers on the dial are pretty striking as well—more so than the Monaco. (Be flashy. You’re not the subject of a nationwide man-hunt.)bb4Or if you’re looking for something that just started occupying our shelves, this TW Steel CEO Goliath Chronograph is just the ticket. It’s an oversized, rectangular model, stretching 42 mm across. The crown is massive, but it won’t dig into your arm. After all, this timepiece is fit for a CEO.We’ve got plenty of round black dial chronographs to choose from as well if you didn’t want to go the Walter White route, too. Let’s face it—things didn’t work out so good in the end for him, now did they? (Sorry—last spoiler alert. Now fire up your DVR while you proceed to checkout on WatchCo.
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