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The Casio Pathfinder Solar: Find Your Path -

The Casio Pathfinder Solar: Find Your Path

Casio Pathfinder Solar:Blazing an international trail has never been easier thanks to this latest innovation from Casio watches. Check out this new solar Pathfinder that’s now on sale at The Tough Solar timepiece is powered by sunlight, and its time is automatically set via radio-controlled satellites as well. That’s right—no changing batteries and no messing around with trying to set the time. This versatile Triple-sensor outdoor wrist tool features the big three instruments for outdoor use: an altimeter, barometer and digital compass. In addition to an analog and digital display, this sleek steel-cased model also sports a body heat-independent thermometer. With a comfortable resin strap, this watch is as comfortable as it is tough as well. Get it today.
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