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The Death Watch -

The Death Watch

We've all still got things left to do. Wouldn't it be nice to procrastinate until the last second before we get them done? If you're like me, you want to take care of all the important stuff (like watching the latest episode of 2 Broke Girls or attend my weekly twerking class) before mundane incidentals like paying my mortgage or feeding my bawling infant son.Rest assured fellow time-wasters, there is now a product in development to tell you exactly how much longer you will be breathing in this life (and literally how much time you can waste).  The people over at have created the Tikker--the watch with the countdown timer on your life.The Tikker isn't a massive watch. Nor is the knowledge it takes to understand how it works, either. After filling out a questionnaire that comes with one of the working prototypes, the wearer simply subtracts his or her current age from the end result. And, presto--you know when you will die!Creepy? Yes. But this cheeky YouTube video  on Tikker's site helps to soften up the idea of knowing when you're going to die. (Or do those weird cartoons with the normal-sounding voices add to the absurdity?) The still-in-development product not only counts down your life to the second, but it also--get this--actually tells the time!Tikker FrontThe guys at WatchCo and I haven't quite wrapped our heads around a death watch yet. Imagine Director of Fulfillment Rob's surprise if he were to enter his data and find out he was going to expire while at Lambeau Field watching his beloeved Chicago Bears get stomped by the Green bay Packers--what a way to go! But we do have a couple new timepieces that are worth more than just a cursory check out:Watch enthusiasts have taken a shine to touchscreen models over the past few months, and we just started carrying a popular brand of these new wave timepieces--MUTEwatch.Mute BlueThe LED touch screen will hibernate if it's not being used. The MUTE models are smart enough to detect movement and won't annoy or disturb if they are not being read. The blue one above--as well as the other ones in the line--will also connect to a USB port to charge, too. For less than $300 for one of these newbies, you could certainly spend a lot more to show off to your friends. :)But if you wanted something with a little more of a classic look to it, Kenneth Cole is getting in on the touchscreen action as well with this Unisex World Timer. What with the touchscreen, multi-situational rubber strap and a one-size-fits-all look to it, this watch has been selling really well for a month or so here at WatchCo. If you don't like to cheat on your watches and are a one-watch-kind-of-person, this will easily fit any wardrobe choice, no matter the season.KC TouchNo, the MUTEwatch and the Kenneth Cole will not tell you when you're going to die (if you really wanted to know that anyway), but they do offer a modern touch to time-telling. But apparently I guess quite a few people do want to know when they will die . Tikker's Kickstarter campaign is nearly to its $25,000 goal after being on the site for just over a week.Getting away from the morbidness of the idea of the Tikker watch, it's clear that its makers' entire philosophy is to live in the now. Live your life rather than wait for death. That's good advice for all of us no matter how young or old we are.
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