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The Must-Read Watch -

The Must-Read Watch

[caption id="attachment_676" align="aligncenter" width="243"]image ...seriously though--it wasn't the WatchCo blog. That thing is awesome!"[/caption]A funny thing about my wife: She won't read emails that have more than two sentences in the body of the message. If she gets an email that's longer than that, she stops reading after two sentences. That's how much she loathes reading. I mean absolutely loathes it.Literally the first two sentences could be, "Mrs. Balkman, we're very excited to tell you that you've won $10,000! All you need to do is finish reading the other six sentences in this email!"or this from me (not a real email):"Honey, I had to take the car into get fixed after the accident I was in today. I'm a little beat up, and here are the directions to the hospital that I'm recovering at."I don't bother sending emails to her anymore because it's a losing effort. And with how pervasive the Internet, television, movies, music and podcasts have become in our society, reading has become a bit passé.  In fact, if you get caught reading a book in 2013, most strangers would just assume you're some kind of a straight-edge vegan hipster nerd:[caption id="attachment_678" align="aligncenter" width="300"]tumblr_l2fd1wvAPl1qb5guno1_500 "Have you ever read Kerouac? He, like, changed my life. Here, let me show you on my (insert Apple product here)."[/caption]Nothing against hipsters here (I'm a big Arcade Fire fan), but reading isn't as sexy as it used to be. Why read the latest from Stephen King when you could watch the new Carrie movie? Why read a great series from Sara Shepard when you can see the bastardized version of it on the ABC Family channel?Well, let me tell you something, hipster haters: Reading is back, baby! And WatchCo has two new offerings from Projects watches. The model I'm writing about is the Daniel Will-Harris 'Till watch:


[caption id="attachment_679" align="aligncenter" width="225"]7215S Bringing sexy back. Eat your heart out, JT.[/caption]Here's the slant, kids: Instead of giving you the Cliffs Notes version of a clock dial time, the 'Till watch only gives you one number (the hour). But the minute hand will reveal phrases not heard since Marty McFly was fending off his mother's advances. Phrases like half past, quarter till, 5 till and exactly. So when someone asks you the time, you can tell them:[caption id="attachment_683" align="aligncenter" width="199"]11_tea_pipeIMG_3627 "It's 20 past four, old chap. Let's have a spot of tea and...something else..."[/caption]On a personal note, I did notice something on these watches. Neither one read, "quarter of" or "ten of" the hour. My old JV basketball coach always used to say that practice would start at quarter of four. No one knew if that meant 3:45 or 4:15. I don't think coach did, either because it always seemed to change. After a week or so of half the team either being 30 minutes early or 30 minutes late, he just started posting the practice times in the locker room. Spoiler alert: Our team was not very good. But I digress...[caption id="attachment_685" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Scoreboard Not trying to brag, but my team's two points came when I threw down a dunk. Hail, Knights![/caption]...Reading and language--two things fast leaving our society. But thanks to the Projects 'Till watches, vintage is the next new thing. And you don't have to be a hipster or ol' sport pictured above to dig these pieces, either. Both these models come with full year warranties, sleek cases and smooth, silky straps.We've only got one left of the all-black model and two of the original. And for only $125, it's clear that the hipster demand hasn't yet caused a swell in the prices for these watches. So get in on the ground floor and get a soft start on your fall reading plan. These watches sure beat War and Peace:[caption id="attachment_684" align="aligncenter" width="300"]97i/43/huty/9230/09 "Hey! What did I do?!?"[/caption]

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