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The Swedish Are Coming! -

The Swedish Are Coming!

37118_157302634311540_155182307856906_277595_7477721_n Did you ever see the movie Eurotrip? I have. It was on Comedy Central one night (or was it TBS?), and I couldn't find my remote, so I left it on. Not a bad flick. In fact, going in with low expectations, I actually enjoyed it. And it's re-watchable. I've seen it twice since.Anyway, there is a scene where the main characters are in a club in Europe and a couple of them pound some absinthe. The club they are in--which is already ultra hip and cool becomes even cooler. And then weird. VERY weird. I won't tell you what happens because you should give this film a shot.But the point of that story is that the two women above are the types of women who I imagine would hang out in a club like that. Very mysterious. Who are they? What's their story? What's that stuff all over the one on the left's arm?I can't answer those questions. But I can tell you what's on their wrists--Triwa watches. These beauties (the watches, at least) are direct from Sweden, and many of them have quite an urban flavor, like the ones you see above. Take this one for example:LAST103 This Carbon Lansen model is fit for a man or a woman. For all of you guys out there always telling me you can't rock the big watches I have, this is perfect. All black, so it's manly enough for you while not dwarfing your wrist. And ladies, with the trend in women's watches shifting to bigger, you can get in on the ground floor here. Next time you're sipping mojitos with Kelly and Brittany, you'll understand why they're not making eye contact with you when this sleekster is wrapped around your drinking wrist.Perhaps you don't like a boring, dreary, black watch. No worries there because WatchCo has a veritable ton of colors to choose from with all the Triwas we acquired.DCAC113 I wouldn't recommend this one for the fellas (unless you can color-coordinate with these pastels. But this watch shouldn't be limited to summer, ladies. A 38mm acetate case chronograph deserves to be trotted out year-round. So just because we're coming up on Halloween doesn't mean your forearm should stop having fun.And for the guys, I've got a Balky personal fave for you as well. Check out this patriotic one below:NEAC107 Are you supporting the USA? France? The New England Patriots? No! You're supporting your friends' opinions that you have detailed fashion sense. Notice those stainless buckles on both sides of that stately blue case. Wear this with pride, no matter what nation/team/creed you support.We've got great deals going on with the Triwas right now at WatchCo, and with our fall savings, now is the time to step up your hayride wardrobe. So now, here's your homework:1. Check out this video from Triwa.2. Watch Eurotrip.3. Buy your new, hip Swedish Triwa from will not be a quiz. I trust you all to do the right thing. :) 
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