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These Savings Are So Sweet -

These Savings Are So Sweet

It's a Sweetest Day SALE!

Save on Your Sweetest NowDon't forget that Sweetest Day is just EIGHT days away!So, it's time to take advantage of our annual sale right now!

Don't be the one that forgets Sweetest Day next Saturday, WatchCo-ers! And as a special early reminder from us, take advantage of this special sale we have going on with each of our products* this weekend.When you use the discount code SWEETEST10 at checkout, you'll receive 10 percent off all of your purchases this weekend only. You can't beat getting something for your special squeeze and saving some coin all at the same time!And in addition to getting your special someone's new gift, remember the other cool watcheseyewearsatchelsluggage and a ton of other cool stuff that you can get delivered right away. Happy Sweetest Day from all of us at The Watch Co!*Discount code not eligible on some products. We're still trying to turn their saltiness a little sweeter. :)New - Projects WatchesA must-have brand for any artist or collector, Projects makes styles you can't get anywhere else.Shop - Local Supply SunglassesDespite their Australian design and production, Local Supply is made for locals everywhere across the globe.Shop - Orchill WalletsFlat and slim but with the ability to expand, an Orchill is the modern, stately must-have accessory for fall.
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