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Trust Us: Dad Wants a Bertucci -

Trust Us: Dad Wants a Bertucci

Make sure your father is set for summer with a Bertucci field watch on sale now!

Father's Day is still two-and-a-half weeks away, but we're giving you a great reason to get dad's gift today. How? In the form of savings on his new watch.When you add his new Bertucci watch (or any other item) to your cart, enter the discount code FATHER10 to receive 10 percent off your entire purchase.* Each Bertucci Performance watch has been premium-crafted for maximum durability, efficiency and enjoyment. What father wouldn't want that?And if you wanted to give your dad a little something extra this year to show how much you love him and appreciate everything he does for you, don't forget that we have some new wallets,shades and headphones in stock now as well. With any of theseWatchCo accessories, each time he straps on his timepiece, grabs his credit card or plugs in his music, he'll be very grateful for your good taste and thoughtfulness.Hurry, though--the pre-sale will end quicker than you think! Happy shopping!!*Some restrictions might apply. But your dad can probably talk us out of it. :)

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