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Wear Barack Obama's Watch -

Wear Barack Obama's Watch

Barack Obama's Watch
Barack Obama's WatchFree Shipping
At the risk of offending half of our customers, today we're going to promote the Jorg Gray jg6500, the same worn by the President of The United States, Barack Obama. If you're a Mitt Romney supporter (as some of us here at WatchCo are) please don't get upset with us. If Governor Romney wore the same watch every day, we'd be happy to sell you that too. We're equal-opportunity capitalists!The Story Behind Obama's Watch:On the campaign trail in 2007 The President commented to a Secret Service agent how much he liked the agent's watch. A few weeks later that agent presented The President with one of his very own. Since then President Obama has been seen wearing his Jorg Gray on Election Night, at the Inaguration and even at the recent debates.

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