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A Bertucci Watch is Like No Other

It’s all about building a better watch, and it’s all about our promise of performance to you. This is derived from a belief that long lasting quality, and attention to detail matter. It is this focus and integrity that drive us - an honest, true and authentic way.

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About Bertucci Watches

Bertucci watches are known for their durability, high-performance build, and intricate design. The company was created for a simple purpose: to create a better watch. This is apparent in all the features of a Bertucci watch, from the PRO GUARD case cover for the A-2 line to the hands of the A-4T Vintage 44 which are illuminated with tritium gas. This smaller company with a passion for minimalism and performance is based in Metropolis, Ill.

High-Performance DX3 Bands

Bertucci watches all come with bands made with the company’s patented DX3 technology. The material is made for durability and easy replacement. The bands feature Bertucci‘sinnovative one-piece design and tool-less exchange.All materials come in a variety of colors. The materials used in the construction of the Bertucci watch bands include:

  • Nylon – These DX3 bands are made of 2-ply nylon, which provides a comfort and strength Bertucci watches bands are known for. They come with all-metal hardware that complements the bands’ material. The nylon bands are comfortable enough to wear daily and sturdy enough to withstand the elements.
  • Leather – Bertucci’s leather bands are weather-resistant just like its other bands. The hardware on these bands is stainless steel. The leather construction features a long-lasting box stitch seam. The leather bands also serve the dual purposes of function and style.
  • Tridura – The Tridura Bertucci watches bands are odor- and water-repellent. Like the brand’s other bands, they are manufactured in the United States and meet military specifications. The material is made with a patented process that bonds polyester and polyurethane, making it the strongest band on the market. Tridura Bertucci watch bands are made for people who need a simple timepiece in a rugged environment.

Bertucci Watches for Sale Include: 

A-2T Original Classics–These classic Bertucci watches were the premiere style of the Bertucci brand. Made completely of titanium, they make the perfect accessory to any ensemble. Other features of the A-2T include:

  • Water resistance up to 328 feet
  • Hands remain illuminated 24 hours
  • Scratch-resistant face

Bertucci G-1T Durato – This is the first digital watch the company introduced. Designed to blend the brand’s signature style with a modern appeal, the G-1T Durato boasts features that no other watches have. These include:

  • High-tech digital readout
  • 100-percent titanium case and buttons
  • Large screen with a wide angle display

Bertucci B-1T Sculpted – This uniquely designed watch featuring a round dial is perfect for anyone looking for a watch that stands out but doesn’t compromise the functionality that is synonymous with the Bertucci name. Some notable features of these Bertucci watches are:

  • Easy-to-see 24-hour illuminated hands
  • Titanium case and buttons; bars are unbreakable
  • Available in black or matte titanium

Bertucci sets the bar high in watch development. Sleek design standards and resilient construction make the company’s watches stand out from the competition. It’s obvious that close attention is paid to each and every detail of Bertucci products; all of the parts serve a specific purpose.

At, you will find a wide selection of quality, classy Bertucci watches for both men and women. You’ll also find customer testimonials and Bertucci watch reviews. These areproof that the brand has committed itself to providing customers with high-performance, stylish and functional watches for every occasion, whether it’s in the field or on the go in your everyday life. Visit to see our full line of Bertucci watches and find the style that’s right for you.

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