Citizen, the iconic maker of the solar powered Eco Drive watch. A truly innovative feature, Citizen Eco Drive watches require no battery changes and are powered by the light of the sun.

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More About Citizen

Since the company’s inception nearly 100 years ago, Citizen Watch Co. has been an industry leader in innovation and design. It didn’t want to simply make a better product;Citizen set out to make products that contribute to people’s quality of life. This is all evident in Citizen’s timepieces’ environmentally conscious design, intricate details and superior performance.

Milestones in the History of Citizen Watches:

  • 1924: Citizen creates its first pocket watch, aptly named the “CITIZEN”
  • 1931: The company produces its first wrist watch, the “Caliber F”
  • 1940: The main production facility, a factory in Tanashi, Japan, is built
  • 1956: Citizen introduces Parashock – the first shock-resistant wristwatch manufactured in Japan. This was followed three years later by its first water-resistant piece
  • 2003: The“Stiletto” Citizen watches are developed; they are thin, sleek and light-powered

Citizen Watches Today

One of the company’s more recent milestones is the production of Citizen watches with Eco-Drive. These quartz Citizen watches are powered by an energy cell and a solar panel. They use energy produced from any light source, which means no more worrying about battery life. Citizen also introduced the first radio-controlled timepiece that was able to pick up a low-frequency radio time signal and continuously reset itself to the correct time.

Citizen Watch Technology

  • Quartz – This inexpensive line for men and women is both dependable and high quality. Rather than relying on gears to keep time, this line uses a small quartz crystal to keep time more accurately.
  • Eco-Drive – This line from the high-tech brand employs a solar cell to turn any source of light into electrical energy. Citizen watches with Eco-Drive also have a lithium ion backup battery in case you get caught in a situation in which you don’t have access to a light source.
  • Promaster – This is the leading sports watch in the world. Promasters are engineered for precision and utilize state-of-the-art technology. It’s no wonder they are safe for use on land, in the ocean and in the sky.

Citizen Watches for Sale Include:

  • Paladion
    • Utilizes Eco-Drive technology
    • Contains over 20 diamonds
    • Withstands water up to 333 feet
    • Two-tone stainless steel details
    • Features elegant mother-of-pearl dial
  • Promaster Carbon
    • Durable black rubber strap
    • Eco-Drive technology
    • Carbon fiber bezel
    • Water resistant up to 333 feet
    • Optimal depth memory
  • Chronograph
    • Quartz technology with two-year battery life
    • Stainless steel case and band
    • Buckle with push button clasp
    • Resists water up to 333 feet
    • Case back screws shut

Buy the latest styles of Citizen watches at Using the latest technology in timepieces and energy sources makes it one of the leading brands in the industry year after year. Contact for more information.

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