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MTM Special Ops Watches

MTM Special Ops Watches

Tactical Watches from MTM Special Ops

One of the newest editions to the WatchCo brand line, MTM Special Ops watches are recognized around the globe as one of the most durable, reliable watch series available. The United States Special Forces and Navy Seals have worked with MTM to develop the most technologically superior military-grade MTM Pro Ops watches. Combat ready and GSA-approved, these men’s MTM Special Ops watches are dive-ready and are now available to the public. Join the long list of S.W.A.T. teams, Secret Service and Navy Seals by getting your MTM Special Ops watch from WatchCo today.
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More Information on MTM Special Ops

Developed for the military by ex-military individuals who stay in touch with current service men and women on what they need in a watch, MTM Special Ops watches are (simply put) the best available tactical watches available to anyone, military included. Blood detection and radiation charting are just two of the numerous unique features on MTM watches that you will not find anywhere else. And a quick check of any blockbuster action film will present an instance of an MTM Special Ops watch on at least one of the characters.

The industry leader in the manufacture of tactical military-grade watches, MTM Special Ops watches are as rugged as they are dependable.

  • Predators - The MTM series actually designed by various real military personnel, each Predator includes a 1/10 accurate chronograph, a screw-down crown and all solid stainless steel cases, bezels and bracelets so that it holds up in any condition imaginable.
  • Patriots - Part of the second generation MTM tactical watch collection, the Patriot watches are essentially the Predators taken to the next level. Packing more than 8 full ounces of stainless steel into its body, it is one of the most durable watches made today.
  • Air Stryk - When toughness is simply a prerequisite for the functions that a wearer requires, the Air Stryk is a new MTM release that also boasts GMT world time, five separate alarms and countdown timer all on the ana-digi electro-luminescent display on the dial.

As always, is an Authorized Retailer of MTM Special Ops Watches.

MTM Special Ops Origins

After years of manufacturing watches, the freelance ex-military designers that still had friends in the service inquired with them as to the perfect watch for the field. And in the early 2000s, MTM Special Ops Watch was launched.

Over the course of nearly three decades, several former military agents that became horologists developed their craft through producing tactical watches for numerous private companies. But with the expertise this team developed, they decided to dedicate their professional careers to developing the quintessential field watches for their peers still serving their country. The final result was the Black Hawk watch—a timepiece with both an internal and external light for emergency signaling and functional covert viewing.

After the Black Hawk became the first model of the newly formed MTM Special Ops Watch company, the demand for more specialized wrist instruments increased among military circles. But instead of creating models with standard chronographs and alarms, MTM went the extra step. It released models that could detect amounts of radiation and chart exposure levels. The newly formed watch brand launched a watch with built in UV technology to expose traces of blood that are invisible to the naked eye.

Where MTM Special Ops Is Today

Within not only the United States’ military but numerous other first-world countries’ military factions as well, MTM Special Ops is the clear leader in tactical watches, and it is not remotely close. Soldiers, sailors, marines and pilots alike never go into the field or take on a new mission without their MTM watch of choice securely fastened to their wrist. Because of the evolving designs of each new model, even high fashion executives have come to appreciate and attempted to replicate the original MTM Special Ops watches as well. So while these rough-and-tumble watches are still more likely to be found on wrists inside a tank, walking through a riverbed or flying behind enemy lines, the retired soldier will often wear them wherever he goes. And many non-military personnel have also found these extremely functional in the office, on the weekend or out on a hunt for fish or fowl.

Celebrities have also taken notice of the MTM Special Ops brand, too. Actor Kellan Lutz of Twilight fame is a huge fan. And Josh Stewart—who played the right hand man of Tom Hardy’s Bane in The Dark Knight Rises—was actually such a supporter of the brand; he wore a Black Patriot in the film. New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford and Grammy-award winning musician and producer AKON also have been spotted out in public sporting their MTM Special Ops watches. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kiefer Sutherland and Josh Duhamel are on the lengthy list of celebrity MTM-wearers as well.

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