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Watch Guide / History of Seiko Dive Watches

History of Seiko Dive

The history of the Seiko Diver watch by The Watch Co

One of Seiko's most popular series of watches, Seiko dive watches are always a best seller. The roots of the collection go back a few years.

As early as 1965, Seiko had built Japan's first diver's watch, which was water resistant to an impressive 150 meters. This watch was used by the 8th Antarctic Wintering Team in 1966-1968.

SKX173One day in 1968, Seiko's engineers received a letter from a professional diver from Hiroshima Prefecture. The letter shocked Seiko's engineers with its vivid description of the stresses and strains put on a watch by professional saturation divers who dive to depths of 350 meters. Seiko took up the challenge.

After seven years of research, the Professional Diver's 600m, the world's first diver's watch with titanium case, a gasket impervious to helium and legible at great depths was created. It set a new standard for diver's watches.

Ever since, Seiko has brought to the diving community innovative new watches that solve the very real problems of working at depth. In 1990, the Scubamaster was the first computerized diver's watch. Orange Monster

In 2005, the Spring Drive Diver's 600m watch brought new levels of accuracy to the harshest environment on the planet. 

In addition to satisfying the needs of professional divers, Seiko launched an automatic diver's watch that would go on to become extremely popular worldwide.

In 2000, the Automatic Diver's 200m SKX series was launched; this series has been highly appreciated and nicknamed "Monster" for its unique and impressive design by Seiko diver's watch fans. 

Seiko's heritage of diver's watches continues with innovative technologies and designs.