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Go Green and Save Some Green! -

Go Green and Save Some Green!


Let's face it--Earth is a pretty awesome place.

Take time to save it & your budget as well today.

One of the underrated days of the year has always been Earth Day. At least that's the way we've always felt at WatchCo. So we're trying to bring attention to it through a special sale this year.

 When you use the discount code EARTHDAY10, you'll get 10 percent off everything in your cart* on Earth Day 2016 weekend only! So add all the wristwatchesoptics, wallets, luggage and any of our other unique accessories. We have a bunch of brands that are environmentally friendly like WeWOOD that would make great additions to your collection!

So with spring here, let's go out an enjoy what this planet has to offer. Fire up the grill, pour a cold drink and take a breath of fresh clean air. Celebrate Earth Day with a new accessory today from WatchCo!

*Code not eligible for MTM Special Ops watches.We know--it displeases Mother Earth, too!


Shop - Tense Wood Watches

Featuring some of the world's most durable wood, Tense's summer collection has finally arrived!Untitled%20design%20(77)[1]

Shop - WeWOOD Timepieces

You buy a WeWOOD watch, they plant a tree--not a more fashionable way to spend Earth Day!Untitled%20design%20(62)[1]

Shop - Shwood Sunglasses

Sick of having plastic shades like everyone else? Then grab some Shwood frames today!
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