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New Wrist Lumber Has Arrived -

New Wrist Lumber Has Arrived

Black-Eyed-Peas-WeWood-Watches I got a feeling that tonight 's going to be the night you find yourself gazing at your wrist and smiling at your new WeWOOD masterpiece fastened to it. Pardon the dated reference, but it's true. When WatchCo introduced wood watches on our site a few years back, WeWOOD was the first brand we picked up, and it still remains one of our most popular brands worldwide, wood or not. (Even the Black Eyed Peas were rocking the Jupiter series across the pond in the UK--shout out to our British customers!) Here are the watches that and Taboo are flashing above:jupiter_army_rightsize_grande jupiter_brown_rightsize_grande But I'm not here posting about some of the older WeWOOD models we still are carrying. (Hey, you keep placing those orders, we'll still keep getting you those watches!) WeWOOD actually released their winter collection this past week, and we've already got plenty of them in. For those of you following us on Twitter, you already saw us tweeting about the new models this week.  And here's another one of the most baller ones from this new collection.WALPCHOC This unisex Alpha Chocolate is literally like wrapping a stray piece of forest bark around your wrist. Except it tells time. And it's comfortable. And it's streamlined. And it's sized to your wrist--you know what? It's not like a piece of bark at all. But it is made entirely of wood. And WeWOOD plants a tree with every watch they sell, so it's great for the environment as well.Don't let the unisex listing fool you, either. I LOVE big watches, and I have no problem sporting this 46 mm case on my forearm. Big watches continue to dominate the industry, and this is no different. Guys can wear this proudly, and those fashion-conscious ladies out there will wear this one loose like a bracelet--the same way any fashionista on Fifth Avenue would display it.And speaking of fashionistas, WeWOOD has another great option for you this winter. Look, we all want to save the world and be on the cutting edge of horology. But what if you want to flash a little extra panache on your wooden darling. Have no fear:WSARBEIGE This Sargas Crystal model is not for the faint of heart. Don't expect to wear it inconspicuously because people will sit up and take notice. Only WeWOOD would introduce a wooden watch with blingy, dreamy crystals encrusted around the dial. The fashion and environmentally conscious can simply not find a more perfect watch. And for 135 bones, they can't really spend their money better either.These are just two of the models that WeWOOD introduced, but WatchCo already has obtained a ton more. And we still have all of those older styles as well, so shop until your heart's content. WeWOOD is one of our favorite brands to carry with a year warranty and great customer service. I already have two of these watches, but it will be at least three by the time you're done reading this.Happy shopping, everyone!
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