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Your New Watch = Earth's New Tree -

Your New Watch = Earth's New Tree

Now when you buy a WeWOOD watch or pair of shades from WatchCo, they'll plant a tree!

Thanks to the good people at WeWOOD, you can celebrate Earth Day in style while sustaining Mother Nature at the same time. Could there be a more perfect way to spend the day?

Today, when you purchase one of the wooden watches from WeWOOD or their sunglasses carved from fine wood, WeWOOD will plant a tree to keep our planet healthy. Show your support for wooden accessories, and WeWOOD will show its support for the soil from which they came.With dozens of styles to choose from in both categories, you'll be able to mix and match styles to your heart's content. And no one will be upset with you if you ensure that more than one tree gets planted today, too. :) Happy Earth Day, everyone!


Shop - Tense Wood Watches

Made from the sturdiest lumber of the Canadian North Woods, Tense is our top-selling wood watch brand.shwood-wood_acetate-sunglasses-original-haystack-walnut_tortoise-grey-left-s-2200x800[1]

New - Shwood Sunglasses

Famous for making shades from old Louisville Slugger baseball bats, Shwood has plenty of styles to choose from.OriginalGrain[1]

Shop - Original Grain

Stately and regal, you won't find a more formal wooden watch than an Original Grain, for even the fanciest of affairs.
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